Owning a Pet as a Senior: 7 Reasons It’s a Beneficial Choice

Can owning a pet improve your quality of life? According to many medical and scientific studies, the answer is yes. There is a long list of reasons why owning a pet helps children and adults of all ages, but especially seniors, manage stress, stay healthy and happy. If you’re considering adopting a new four-legged friend, here are seven reasons you’re making the right decision.

1.    Regulate Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a dangerous condition. It can lead to kidney problems, heart failure and aneurysms. If your goal is to live long and strong, keeping your blood pressure within normal parameters is a top priority.

According to studies, seniors who own a pet are more likely to have normal, regulated blood pressure. Animals have a calming effect on humans. Senior pet owners are also more likely to have lower cholesterol, further preventing heart health issues.

2.    You’re Not Alone

If you live alone, you may not realize how much you need companionship until your pet arrives. Everyone benefits from interaction, especially with an adorable animal that loves you unconditionally.

3.    You Have a Routine

Pets need to be fed on a regular schedule. That means you’ll be waking up in the morning to feed them breakfast and take them outside for a walk. You’ll quickly establish a routine that helps organize your day. Even though one of the benefits of retirement is setting your own schedule, sometimes structure is good for your mental and emotional health.

4.    Make New Friends

Pet owners gravitate towards each other. Whether you meet fellow pet owners at the dog park or the vet’s office, you will form new relationships with others who have the same interest as you: taking care of their well-loved companions.

5.    Regular Physical Activity

To stay healthy, both seniors and dogs need daily physical activity. Even if it’s only a short walk around the neighborhood, a daily walk can boost your mood and help you sleep deeply at night. Plus, it’s beneficial for your pet as well.

6.    Security

As a senior, maybe you’re concerned about protecting yourself in the event of a burglary. When you have a devoted pet at home, warning barks can alert potential criminals to stay away – you’re safe and secure.

7.    Live in the Moment

Animals have a special talent: they completely enjoy every moment. Living life with a happy creature by your side can help you relax and immerse yourself in day-to-day pleasures rather than focusing on worries about the future. Owning a pet can enrich your retirement years.

Of course, count all the costs and think seriously about your choice before adopting a pet. It’s a commitment, but it’s one that can pay off with tremendous health and wellness benefits.

If you have current health conditions that are causing you financial concern, speak with a representative at My Senior Health Plan today and learn how to get affordable coverage right away. Then you can spend more time focusing on hobbies that add joy to your life, such as owning a pet.

Pete Blasi