5 Ways to Make Senior Exercise Fun

Senior exercise is a key component of healthy aging. Regular physical activity increases muscle tone, improves balance and reduces the risk of developing health conditions like high blood pressure, dementia, heart disease and cancer. However, repeating the same tired, mundane exercise routine week in and week out does not provide much motivation to stay consistent. If you are looking for a positive change, consider changing your exercise plan to include the following exciting components:

  1. Join Group Senior Exercise Programs

Exercising alone can center your mind and body, but sometimes bringing a friend (or three) along can shift your outlook on exercise from viewing it as a requirement to viewing it as a social outlet. Get involved in senior exercise programs at the local community center or gym. Tell your friends about your plans and form new relationships through your efforts.

  1. Take a Dancing Class

Dancing raises the heart rate and helps develop better balance in people of all ages. Learn how to salsa or refresh your ballroom dancing skills. Many colleges or universities offer dance classes and seniors may receive a large discount. Some churches and senior centers also offer dance events or one-on-one lessons.

  1. Develop a Golf Hobby

Golf is a beneficial form of exercise not only for your body, but your brain. The tactical game requires a high level of concentration combined with continuous cardiovascular movement and strength training – golf requires a significant amount of walking and lifting. To become a golf expert, you need significant core strength and balance. Playing golf on a regular basis will help seniors develop their central core muscles and feel strong and confident in their swing, and in their daily life.

  1. Consider a Daily Swim

Swimming is a perfect match for seniors who wish to exercise, but do not want to put undue pressure on their joints. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that still allows seniors to raise their heart rate and develop lithe, strong arm, leg and abdominal muscles. This exercise option is also relaxing and there are many group aqua exercise classes geared for seniors available at local swim clubs and gyms.

  1. Find a Biking Trail

 Hop on a bike and tour the countryside. Your leg muscles will burn and your heart rate will elevate, giving your body the workout it needs while you breathe fresh air and take in the wonderful view. Bike on smooth, level pavement for a leisurely workout or take on a wooded bike path at the local park.

Try out these senior exercise ideas and fall in love with your new senior exercise routine. There is no rule demanding senior exercise programs stay boring and dull, and you have the power to change the tone today.

Pete Blasi