6 Ways Seniors Can Focus on Summer Skin Care

Senior summer skin care: it’s a tongue twisting phrase but it’s also an important focus for aging adults in the hottest, brightest months of the year. No matter your age, an overdose of UV ray exposure raises your risk of developing skin cancer. When humans age, the outermost layer of the skin, called the epidermis, gradually thins over time. Translucent senior skin is more susceptible to injury, including sunburn. Use the following list of skin care tips for summer to protect your body and maintain quality skin health.

1.Hydration is Key

Don’t waste time consuming high-sugar or caffeinated beverages – just stick to water. The human body needs water to not only survive, but to keep the major systems in the body working properly. Check with your doctor and make sure you have no fluid intake restrictions, then drink up on hot days to replace fluids, reduce fatigue and keep your skin hydrated.

2. Cover the Hard-to-Reach Places with Sunscreen

You may always remember to rub protective sunscreen on your back at the beach, but what about the tops of your feet or the backs of your ears? Look in the mirror as you apply sunscreen and think over all the spots you might miss in your rush to lounge in the sun. Speaking of the beach, it’s not only sandy destinations which require sunscreen. Walking around town to complete your errands and do your weekly shopping exposes your skin to the sun also. Remember to purchase lip balm with an SPF protection – your lips can experience sunburn as well.

3. Invest in Protective Gear

To help with sunscreen coverage, purchase sunglasses and hats to cover your vulnerable scalp and face. Don’t forget to install sun shade films on your home windows or in your vehicle as well.

4. Avoid the Hottest Daytime Hours

One of the easiest ways to protect your skin is to stay out of direct sunlight when the glare is the hottest. Plan your gardening and walk around the neighborhood for the early morning or late evening. If you must spend time outside, look for shady places to sit whenever possible.

5. Moisturize and Defend

Your skin could use some loving attention on a daily basis – that’s where moisturizer comes in. Lightly wash your face every morning and evening, applying a moisturizing cream with an SPF rating to start your day off right. Don’t scrub your facial skin daily if it is overly sensitive. It could initiate irritation and inflammation.

6. Read the Medication Label

Consult with your doctor and read the fine print on all regular medications. Some prescriptions can leave the skin overly sensitive to UV rays. This may require a higher level of vigilance to reduce the chance of extreme sunburn, blistering and swelling.

No matter where you live, the summer months are meant to be enjoyed. However, it wouldn’t do to suffer through a skin injury that could have been prevented. Follow these summer skin care tips to guard against an uncomfortable sunburn and protect your skin and overall body health for the long-term.