VA Benefits & Medicare

If you served the entirety of your active duty term in the US Military or were separated from the Military for any reason other than dishonorable, then you may be eligible for Veterans (VA) health benefits.

When you reach Medicare eligibility, you still qualify for coverage, even if you are receiving VA benefits. VA benefits are only accepted at VA hospitals unless you receive authorized approval to visit a non-VA facility. Therefore, in most cases if you would like to see a doctor outside of the VA network, you will need to enroll into a Medicare program and apply for Medicare Supplemental coverage.

If the VA authorizes service at a non-VA hospital, they may not cover the costs for all the services rendered. However, if you have a Medicare Supplemental Plan, this coverage may pay for the service if it is a Medicare covered service. Medicare may also pay for copays if you’re billed for VA-authorized services by a facility that is not part of the VA network.

For these reasons, it is a good idea to look into your Medicare Supplemental options even if you have VA Benefits.

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