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Medicare Beneficiary Testimonials on Health Insurance Services Provided by My Senior Health Plan

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At My Senior Health Plan, we are honored by the trust our clients place in us. Ensuring 100% client satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s our commitment. Every testimonial we receive is a testament to the dedicated, personalized service our team strives to provide. These Medicare Beneficiary testimonials of satisfaction and success inspire us daily and reinforce our dedication to serving the Medicare community. We believe sharing these client experiences on our testimonials page not only builds trust and credibility but also showcases our unwavering commitment to empowering each client with the knowledge and support they need for their Medicare journey. My Senior Health Plan is nationwide and serves seniors and caregivers in all 50 states!

Medicare Beneficiary Testimonials

  • I have been stressing out about what I was going to do when I lost medical for 3 years it consumed me. I worried non stop 24/7, then I answered a call from the office where Steven Lewis worked which is amazing in itself because I never answer calls from Medicare agents because I get 100’s of them. Thank God I did because Steven Lewis took care of everything that I having been losing my mind over. I want to thank you so much for everything you have done for me. — Ramona H., CA
  • Reyna was excellent at helping me navigate the search for a new Medicare Advantage Plan. I’ve already recommended her and My Senior Health Plan to another person. — Ron N., CA
  • It was great I received the help I was hoping for — Reyna was very helpful and polite she explained everything to me and helped me to understand everything. — Bardo M., CA
  • My Senior Health Plan has helped me twice since I turned 65. In both instances I have been helped to find the best fit for health insurance in addition to Medicare. I certainly am grateful for the knowledgeable assistance provided. Both Antonio and Stephen were very familiar with the options available. I am certain that I couldn’t have sorted this out on my own. — Richard B., CA
  • I had a wonderful experience working with Stephen Lewis. My transition into the new health insurance was smooth, without a problem. I would recommend Mr. Lewis to any of my friends. — Gigie, CA
  • Wonderful experience speaking with John Campbell and his colleagues. Everyone was very professional and helpful! — Lisa C., VA
  • Clear and concise while demonstrating empathy. Thank-you again. Excellent customer service!!!! — Anthony C., CA
  • Reyna Zavala at My Senior Health Plan was amazing, patient and very knowledgeable. My mother’s doctor who she had been with for almost 20 years no longer accepted her insurance or the Medicare plan she was on and I didn’t know where to start. A friend recommended this place and Reyna was a BIG help. Choosing a new doctor and Insurance went very smoothly thanks to Reyna and this place!!! Highly recommended!!! Amazing customer service!! — Cecilia H., CA
  • Reyna and the Staff at My Senior Heath Plan service was beyond my expectations. Not only did they help me understand the ins and outs of Medicare and sign me in, they also helped me after when I had a prescription issue. They called my Drug Plan and Costco and straight it out. Tuned out to be Costco issue. Highly recommend them when you retire. — Katherine H., CA
  • I had a great explanation of the benefits I will receive from Medicare Plus with L.A. Care.” – Ruth, CA
  • Wonderful experience speaking with John Campbell and his colleagues. Everyone was very professional and helpful! Lisa K, KS
  • Reyna Zavala at My Senior Health Plan was amazing, patient and very knowledgeable. My mother doctor who she had been with for almost 20 years no longer accepted her insurance or the Medicare plan she was on and I didn’t know where to start. A friend recommended this place and Reyna was a BIG help. Choosing a new doctor and Insurance went very smoothly thanks to Reyna and this place!!! Highly recommended!!! Amazing customer service!! Cecilia P, CA
  • As nervous as I was about my health, Antonio was exceptionally helpful and I want to thank him! Silvana W, CA
  • I had a very good experience. Tony was very informative. Marissa was very helpful and great follow up. Ed D, IA
  • My experience with My Senior Health Plan was fantastic. I got all the help I needed to solve my complicated Medi-Cal issue. Highly recommend using their services. Thanks Stephen Lewis. Reina A., CA
  • The service has been excellent, I specially want to thank agent Ezra Mendiola because he was completely Professional, clear and kind in all the information I received. Elvy M., CA
  • Antonio made the process easy and quick. Very helpful in answering my questions and concerns. — Loren W., VA
  • Very knowledgeable and helpful. Made the process of signing up for insurance simple and easy. Rich K., CA
  • I worked with Stephen Lewis and he was immensely helpful in explaining the Medicare options to me and getting me set up with insurance. Highly recommended this service and Stephen Lewis. — Tia W., CA

My Senior Health Plan is a trusted resource to help seniors navigate the complexities of Medicare.

  • Good plan, great people, easy-to-use and on point. Michael B., CA
  • Great customer service every time I’ve spoken with someone at your office. — Charles F., CA
  • Steven Lewis was very instrumental in researching another company that will accommodate my needs. He did the research and spent ample time with me on the phone comparing plans. EXCELLENT customer service. I highly recommend Steven and My Senior Health Plan.Frank J., CA
  • I am deaf. I communicated with the help of a sign language interpreter. The good explanation of the health plan was very helpful. Thank you! – Ae Young L., CA
  • (My Senior Health Plan) is always working to provide you with the best fit for your needs at the lowest price. – Donna L., AR
  • They were very helpful in helping me review my drug plan and getting my husband set up on a Medicare Advantage plan. – Nancy M., IA
  • This is the second time I have worked with REYNA. It is a pure pleasure. Every detail is covered, I am called back right away. Accessibility is very good. REYNA had the answers to all of my questions. I highly recommend working with my senior health plan. They are wonderful. – Wendy D., WA
  • The (My Senior Health Plan) Representatives go above and beyond with their customer service. They are professional friendly, caring and extremely knowledgeable. When they state they will follow up with you, they do just that. They have such patience and understanding. I highly recommend the My Senior Health Plan! – Brenda Q., CA
  • My Senior Health Plan Agency was extremely helpful. They provided excellent customer service and are very knowledgeable. They are so patient, friendly, and do follow up with you when they say they will. I highly recommend their services 100%Joan W., CA
  • Want to add my enthusiastic recommendation for this company’s excellent service. Reyna and her assistant Izzy are professional, knowledgeable and friendly! – Lola P., CA
  • An absolute joy to work with. As we get older and are inundated with all this literature about supplemental insurance and Plan D coverage – it can be an overwhelming experience. Thank goodness there are wonderful representatives that answer the phone whenever you call and provide you with the information you need that is presented in terms we can understand.Patricia A., CA
  • I’m new to this whole retirement addendum. Glad to know I can call someone and get an immediate answer.Kathleen M., CA
  • Very friendly, informative, knowledgeable and able to show the monthly savings after the out-of-pocket expense of the policy of Plan F.Lauren B., NV
  • A top notch service that is truly concerned about what happens to me as a consumer and does so much to go the extra mile! – Randy R., CA
  • Helpful, knowledgeable, and patient! All my questions were answered fully, did not mind what they were nor if they had to go back to a previous point. Ronald R., CA
  • I wanted to say a big thank you for helping my parents get the right Medicare coverage for their needs. All of this can be so confusing but with your help and this awesome website, it made it much easier. Thanks again!Tracy P., CA
  • Thank you for all your patience and kindness, it’s most appreciated. You also went the extra distance making sure all my questions were answered and patiently going over material more than once for me. You have a lovely voice that puts people on the other end of the line at ease. – Lucinda J., CA
  • Thanks for the excellent service you provided. These policies seem to fit my situation perfectly! With appreciation. Sandra G., CA
  • Once again I LOVE you folks so much! Thank you for making this so easy and clear! – Catherine W., CA
  • Thank you for all the ‘hand holding’. I appreciate your helpfulness and that of your staff! – Janice L., CA
  • Thank you so much for keeping me sane with all this! – Cynthia N., CA
  • I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent, professional, informative, and personable job and handling of my Medicare plans! – Linda V., CA
  • I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this. It was very complicated and I had lots of questions and you answered every single one. I now feel reasonably confident, which I wouldn’t have without your help. – Sally T., CO
  • Many, many thanks to all of you for all your help in untangling the mess of Medicare! Your clear and concise explanations over the phone were absolutely wonderful! Your patience with my calls & questions was also immeasurable! What a great company you all make! I feel blessed to be working with you! – Andrew B., CA
  • Not to be redundant (but it is your continual kind demeanor & outstanding professionalism thusly demanded!) your efforts to assist my successful pursuit of satisfactory supplemental coverage has been extremely appreciated. I feel very fortunate to have encountered your assistance, and, per our conversation, will definitely recommend you whenever possible. – Diane P., CA
  • I had the pleasure of working with you today. Very knowledgeable, thorough, informative and pleasant. It made the experience very painless. I appreciate your professionalism. Darryl F., CA
  • Very professional; not pushy; very well informed. My contact worked with me over the course of a few weeks…remained professional and throughout my process of seeking Medigap insurance. He also was very knowledgeable about the Medicare processes and walked me through that procedure also.Patricia S., CA
  • Very helpful and professional service. When turning 65, I was inundated with health insurance and Medicare information in the mail. MySeniorHealthPlan was the only company who arranged a telephone consultation at my convenience and walked me through the whole procedure. The representative was very kind and patient when answering my questions.- Teresa C., OR
  • I had a very good experience. Very professional, easy to understand and very detailed. Answered all my question , Very helpful. William L., CA
  • Excellent service. Saved me hours and hours of time and made the whole process quick and simple. Always immediately available to answer all questions. Highly recommend! – Michael B., CA
  • I was totally 100% happy with any and all responses by representative as well as other support staff that I spoke with. My representative made me feel as if I was the most important client he had ever had. He was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very willing to share any and all information. He was never in a hurry. When I started the process to learn about insurance supplements to medicare, I actually contacted 3 different companies, I soon dropped the other companies. I now feel I have the best plan that works for me. Patsy R., AZ
  • The representative was very knowledgeable and helped me through the options I had. Never pushy, but had the answers and I did not feel embarrassed to ask him questions. He went through everything one more time before sending it and there were no errors. It went like clockwork. Linda C., NE
  • My contact at my senior health plan was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and and services oriented individual. After lot of research with various health organizations I decided to use Senior Heath because my representative did an excellent job in making sure I get the best coverage at the most effective value. – Dushant A., CA
  • We spoke with several different companies and yours was the most knowledgeable to help us navigate through all of the confusion surrounding the different choices we had in getting Medicare for the first time. Thank you. – Christine T., CA
  • I think God sent you to me. I was about crazy trying to work through the maze to get Medicare. You made it so easy, even helping fill out the papers! Thank you again, so very much.Kathy P., NV
  • I was lucky to come across My Senior Health Plan in a print advertisement. I decided take a chance and call fully expecting to hear phone prompts instead of a human voice but instead I was quickly connected to my representative who answered all my questions (including the ones I didn’t know I had). I had been dreading signing up for Medicare but she made it easy and I trusted her. Since I first spoke with her I have called several times and she is always available and quick to help me. – Nancy D., WA
  • The representative was very patient and helpful. It made understanding Medicare coverage a lot easier than I had anticipated.Mildred C., WA
  • The people that my husband and I have dealt with at MySeniorHealthPlan have been “extremely” helpful and most of all very patient. They know the industry well are were able to make suggestions that really helped me make a decision as to what healthplan would benefit my needs. We highly recommend their professionalism and like I said their kindness, knowledge and patience. – Susan Y., CA

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