Try These 7 Fun Activities with Your Grandchildren

Do you have your grandchildren coming for a visit? You want to make sure your grandchildren enjoy their time with you and have many memorable experiences. Here is a list of activities that you and your grandchildren can try together that are sure to bring fun and excitement to you both:

1.    Explore Nature

When was the last time you and your grandchildren stepped outside together? Take them to a local park or nature reserve and go for a hike on a sunny day. You can make it a game: have them collect different types of tree leaves or flowers. Tell them about the different bird species native to the area and see if you can spot one with binoculars. You could even introduce them to fishing – just bring along a junior-sized fishing rod and tackle box.

2.    Grow a Garden Together

If you have a green thumb, it’s time to teach your grandchildren about the joys of gardening. Whether you plant flowers or vegetables, plan multiple return visits throughout the growing season so they can tend to their own plot in your backyard. They will feel proud of their hard work when the flowers bloom and the produce is ripe for picking.

3.    Bake a Delicious Treat

Everyone enjoys baking cookies. You can go one step further and teach them how to make pies, cakes, brownies and more. Purchase decorating supplies and let them frost their creation afterwards. Another benefit? You have a snack all ready to eat at the end.

4.    Teach Them a Card Game

Kids may not play board games or card games as often as in years gone by, but it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy them if they try. Start with a simple game of “Go Fish,” then move on to “Hearts.” Let them go home with their own deck and teach their friends.

5.    Plan a Movie Night

Whether you go out to the theatre or screen a viewing at home, movie nights are always a fun way to connect with your grandchildren. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn on hand and get ready to snuggle through the suspenseful scenes.

6.    Read a Story

Bring your grandchildren to the library and let them pick out the titles that interest them. Go to a nearby playground and read books out loud to them, then challenge them to act out the story. You can make reading fun and get them moving at the same time.

7.    Get Crafty

From building a birdhouse to making homemade play dough, there are plenty of craft projects you can plan for your grandchildren’s visit. You will bond while you work and they will have a memento to take home with them as well.

Stay Active and Stay Healthy

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