8 Interesting Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

Whether you are interested in supplementing your retirement income or simply searching for a change of pace during your week, you can find satisfaction in obtaining an interesting part-time job that caters to your skills and your schedule. There are many part-time jobs for seniors that may appeal to your interests and abilities. Here are eight ideas for bringing in a paycheck in unique ways.

  1. Become a Tour Guide

Wineries, museums and historical sites may have an open position for a tour guide. This will give you the chance to learn more about the landmarks in your area, impart your knowledge and meet people from all over the country.

  1. Work at Your Favorite Sports Stadium

Whether you prefer baseball, football, basketball, hockey or any other sport, contact the local stadium where your hometown team plays. During the season, many sports teams hire part-time staff to take tickets, check bags and sell concessions. You will enjoy the spirited atmosphere and maybe even receive a discount on tickets of your own.

  1. Prepare Taxes

Even with no experience in the accounting sphere, you can still earn quite a bit as a beginner tax preparer. Many private accounting firms are willing to pay for training for reliable tax preparers so they will have extra help during the extremely busy tax season.

  1. Partner with a Non-Profit

In many cases, non-profit organizations do not have the funds to hire full-time staff. They depend on part-time workers to keep their organization running. Research a cause that has meaning for you and inquire about a part-time position.

  1. Serve as a Crossing Guard

Crossing guards are always in demand when school is back in session. Spend your morning and afternoon ensuring children reach school and home safely while traffic patterns continue as smoothly as possible.

  1. Watch Your Neighbor’s Pets

Do you love animals? Consider pet-sitting for friends and family to start, then use your experience and advertise in your neighborhood. Many people pay a premium knowing their pet is safe and cared for while they are away.

  1. Sell Consulting Services

You may be retired, but that does not mean you are not still valuable in your industry. Freelance as a consultant for companies that may benefit from your experience and knowledge. Set your own hours and rates.

  1. Help with the Seasonal Rush

From apple picking farms to amusement parks, every season brings a new opportunity for you to find a part-time job with a company dealing with a heavy rush of customers. You don’t have to commit year-round – try out a new seasonal position each year until you find a good fit for you.

While these part-time jobs for seniors can help you earn extra spending money, you will most likely not receive the healthcare coverage you are eligible for when working full-time. If you have gaps in your coverage, don’t hesitate to contact My Senior Health Plan for more information on finding an affordable plan that will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Pete Blasi