5 Handy Health and Safety Apps for Seniors

health and safety apps for seniors

From health and safety apps for seniors to staying in touch with family, the smartphone revolution has reshaped nearly every facet of our lives throughout the last two decades. Where we used to have the Yellow Pages, now we have Google. We used to exchange letters and photos through the mail, now we keep up with friends and family using social media. And we used to order specialty items through the Sears catalog, now we use Amazon to buy (probably way more than!) what we need.

Don’t think these changes have been ignored by older Americans! According to recent research, 42% of people aged 65 and older own a smartphone. With smartphone ownership comes apps, apps and more apps. Still, though, many seniors don’t take full advantage of the many different ways apps make our lives easier.

Health and safety is a chief concern for most seniors, and guess what? There are apps for that! Here are five health and safety apps for seniors you should download today. 

#1: Dr. Owl

Dr Owl health and safety apps for seniorsThe Dr. Owl app helps seniors understand and control their medical records. Using Dr. Owl, your health information is easily accessible through their secure, HIPAA-compliant app. You can search your medical records and share with doctors or caregivers when needed.

Dr. Owl provides each user with a personalized portal where you can sync health and wellness information with your records. Seamlessly add metrics like heart rate and daily steps from wearable devices like a smartwatch or Fitbit.

You can also use Dr. Owl for telemedicine visits depending on your location. Where available, you can attend remote medical appointments with your doctor. You can even invite family or caregivers to participate in the appointment.

download dr owl download dr owl

#2: Medisafe Medication Reminder

medisafe medication reminder health and safety apps for seniorsNo hidden agenda here, the Medisafe Medication Reminder app does exactly what you think—reminds you to take any daily medicines you need. And while helping you stay on track with your medications is important, the Medisafe Medication Reminder boasts a few other great features as well.

If you’re on more than one medication, Medisafe helps track drug interactions and ensures your prescriptions can be taken together safely. The app also shares your dosage history with select family members or caregivers so they can help you stay on track, too.

download medisafe medication reminder download medisafe medication reminder

#3: Cairn: Hiking & Outdoor Trail Safety

Cairn health and safety apps for seniorsAlthough the Cairn: Hiking & Outdoor Trail Safety app was originally created for hikers, this app is actually a great health and safety app for seniors. When you’re going on a long walk, or venturing anywhere on foot, use Cairn to alert your family and caregivers of where you plan to be.

They can track your progress on the app and quickly see where you are and if you’ve made it home yet. And if you do get lost, Cairn can help you find your way home with easy, step-by-step navigation—even if you’re out of cell range.

Another great feature is the coverage area maps. When you’re off the grid and need to make a call, Cairn also maps cell coverage areas so you can make your way to a place to use your phone.

download cairn app download cairn app

#4: bSafe – Personal Safety App

bsafe health and safety apps for seniorsThe bSafe – Personal Safety app is an app designed to, well, keep you safe. With this app, you can quickly and easily sound an alarm and alert family and friends when you’ve fallen or found yourself in an otherwise dangerous situation.

Start by creating your own personal safety network. Add names and contact information for vital family and friends. Then create an alarm key phrase so you can voice activate your alarm. When you’re in the midst of an emergency, you won’t even have to touch your phone to alert your network. There’s also an SOS button if you can safely reach your phone.

While we hope you never have to use this app, installing bSafe on your smartphone is a wise way to be ready for anything.

download bSafe download bSafe

#5: ICE Medical Standard

ICE health and safety apps for seniorsThe ICE Medical Standard app (ICE is an acronym for In Case of Emergency) is an extremely helpful app. In ICE, you’ll add personal information and emergency medical contacts that can be accessed should you be unable to communicate.

The information is displayed on top of your phone’s screensaver. This way first responders can see what they need without unlocking your phone. They can see at a glance who you are and who they should call. 

Your information will be color coded based on what you enter. That’s red for high risk status, yellow to indicate you take medications and green for good to go.

download ICE

Yes, technology can be a challenge. But with the right tools, using a smartphone can be convenient—while keeping you safe. So download these apps to protect your health and wellbeing today!



image credit: shutterstock/leungchopan