Seniors Get Big Savings with Open Box Deals open box deals

No supplier chain is perfect, and sometimes items sold by are damaged in the process of shipping or storing. What happens then? Well, actually something that will benefit you! 

Everyone loves a good deal, right?!? doesn’t sell anything with minor cosmetic damage to the item (or even just to the packaging!) at the full retail price. Products that work perfectly but may have a few scratches or dents are sold at discount prices you can take advantage of. 

You can find these slightly damaged goods on the Open Box Deals page. There, you can buy the quality products you expect from at a deeply discounted price. And sometimes these items go on sale for even lower prices! Some prices, like for this wheelchair, are slashed by as much as 54%. 

Take a look at these great products available on Open Box Deals right now:

All Open Box offerings on are guaranteed to be in working condition. They check each item individually to confirm the only damage is cosmetic. And the result is that you can purchase a great product at a huge discount! 

Questions regarding Open Box Deals? Reach out to their customer service team or head directly to their website to check out the selection.

image credit: shutterstock/Olivier Le Moal