Spring cleaning checklist

Senior wellness can be improved by opening up the windows and getting to cleaning this spring. As clutter and dust might have piled up over the winter, spring is the ideal time for seniors to thoroughly clean. Doing so will improve quality of life, as well as make a home look more appealing.

Clear out clutter
First things first, seniors should clear unnecessary items from their home. While it can be tough to decide what should go and what should stay, seniors are encouraged to make a pile of items they are for sure going to get rid of, a pile they are for sure keeping and one of items they are on the fence about. Whether they decide to throw out old clothes or donate them, freeing a home from clutter will likely make it feel larger and help seniors breathe again.

Get to scrubbing
After living space is free from clutter, seniors can now start deep cleaning. It’s best to start with counters and other high-up areas and work their way down. From the cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling to grime underneath the dishwasher, seniors will want to make sure they clean everything the first time so they don’t have to do it again. For those looking to save money on cleaning products, vinegar has a wide array of practical uses. Whether it’s soaking for a few hours in the garbage disposal or mixing with water and putting in spray bottle, this inexpensive cleaning product will get the job done this spring.

Make minor improvements
Aside from simply getting rid of clutter and cleaning a home, seniors are also encouraged to take on small home improvement projects to increase the curb appeal of their property. As the weather continues to warm up, spring is the perfect time to take on these projects. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Painting dull rooms: A great way to bring new life to a room is by adding a fresh coat of paint.
  • Build a garden: Spring is the perfect time to start growing plants, adding visual appeal to a backyard and even helping a senior maintain a healthy diet.
  • Fix gutters: The winter can be tough on gutters, and improper drainage can be a nightmare for a homeowner. Whether it’s hiring a professional or safely doing it on their own, spring is a good time to clear debris from gutters.

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Pete Blasi