5 Simple Reasons People Choose Chair Yoga for Exercise

Seniors doing chair yoga

Chair yoga is one of many types of yoga. It’s a great exercise for pretty much anyone — from corporate workers sitting at a desk all day to people who have flexibility or balance issues or who can’t get down on the floor to exercise.

Additionally, a recent study from Florida Atlantic University shows that chair yoga is an effective alternative treatment for reducing pain related to osteoarthritis.

Due to the popularity of chair yoga, it’s also fairly easy to find a class — at a local community center, school or library. If a class is not an option, there are many chair yoga resources available, including online videos and tutorials and DVDs and books.

Of course, before you start any exercise routine, you will need to see your doctor.

So, looking to move more and feel better? Here are some simple reasons why chair yoga may be a good place to start:

1. No special equipment needed

All you need is a chair. Make sure it’s stable (no office chairs with wheels!). It should also have a straight back (as some poses include leaning against the back of the chair) and flat seat (to ensure correct posture).

2. Go at your own pace

Whatever your fitness ability, chair yoga is the ideal exercise for getting started — no special skill or fitness level needed.

Typically, like any yoga practice, a chair yoga session begins by creating awareness about your breathing, posture and the physical sensations you’re experiencing (e.g. limb stiffness or joint pain — important for understanding your body’s limits). Once you start the chair poses, you then decide on the intensity level that’s best.

3. Wear your regular clothes

Unlike traditional floor-based yoga or other exercise classes, you do not need to wear special exercise or yoga clothes. Your regular clothes work fine. For greater comfort and ease of movement, avoid tight, restrictive clothing.

4. Do chair yoga alone or in a group

There are advantages to doing chair yoga at home by yourself or with an instructor in a group.

At home, you can do a chair yoga session when and where it suits you. Just pull up a sturdy chair and get started.

The benefit of doing chair yoga in a group (like any group activity) is you’re around other people. This opens up the opportunity to socialize and maybe make new chair-yoga friends.

5. Fit chair yoga easily around your schedule

If committing to an hour-long exercise routine is hard to fit into your schedule, a quick 15-minute chair yoga session could be the ticket.

Even stopping for a few minutes during your day to practice yoga-style breathing and some simple beginning movements can make a difference to how you feel. You can also do some chair yoga moves while you wait at the doctor’s office!

Getting started is the first step

Knowing where to start with an exercise plan can be tricky — there are so many options to choose from and things to consider.

That’s where chair yoga comes in…it’s great for any fitness level and is ideal for beginners. It also provides many wonderful health benefits; plus, it’s not too hard to find a good chair (wherever you are).

Getting regular exercise that fits your fitness level and lifestyle can make a big difference to your quality of life. What a wonderful gift to give yourself!

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