5 Fantastic Reasons Seniors Should Move More Every Day

5 reasons for seniors to move more every day

Probably the greatest gift you can give your body as a senior is to move more every day — to find something you’re able to do and love doing … and make it a regular habit.

That might include speed-walking with a group of friends around the mall or doing a dance class.

The key is to simply get started (and that can be the hardest part). In our upcoming newsletters, we’ll look at specific exercises to try. Until then, let’s look at the benefits of finding an exercise you love..

1. Exercise just makes you feel good

During the cooler months, it can be tempting to curl up all day with that bestseller and a steady stream of hot chocolate. Which is great — every now and then.

But bodies are meant to move, and if you stay still too long and too often, you start to feel sluggish. It’s like a car that sits long-term in the garage, making it hard to start. Take it out every day, though, and it gets warmed up and runs better.

When you move, you simply feel better — physically and mentally.  

2. Doing everyday stuff gets easier

Once you’re on a regular “movement” routine, simple activities get much easier. Tasks like getting out of the chair, or in and out of the car, start to feel effortless.

After all, your supporting tissues — ligaments, tendons and muscles — want to be used, as they’re elastic and designed to stretch and flex to keep you mobile. As you get older, these tissues start to lose their elasticity.

Your new exercise routine will get all those hard-working support structures in motion and running like a well-oiled machine. Before long, you’ll be playing on the floor with your grand kids (and getting up again) without a second thought.

3. Your clothes start to fit better

Whether you’re doing karate or walking the dog, your activities will burn calories. And when you burn calories (and eat well), you lose weight — a nice benefit that comes with moving more.

And once you’re exercising as part of a daily routine, you may find your jeans feel less snug and your dress shirts button better.  

4. You get to interact with and meet new people

Getting out and being around other people can really improve your quality of life. In fact, as you age, social interactions become more important to your general well-being.

As you think about getting more movement into your daily routine, this might be a good time to check out your local gym, community center or library, and try out some of their activities and exercise classes.

5. You get a little pep in your step

Exercising … movement in general, has this way of snowballing: the more you do it the easier it gets. Additionally, the more you move, the lighter and more energized you feel.

Activities that were maybe difficult in the past, like riding your bike or hiking with friends, become “Let’s do it!” enjoyable moments.

Move more and walk this way…

Ultimately, moving more is a wonderful gift to yourself (and your loved ones). The key is to enjoy your activities — to laugh and have fun. Now, that sounds like a good exercise plan!

Of course, before your add any exercise to your daily routine, you’ll need to visit your doctor and get the all clear.


What a great way to head into fall — with a new plan for moving every day. As you make changes to your exercise routine, you may want to tune up your retirement plans, and make sure they’re all on track, too.

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