How to Make Changing Your Medicare Benefits Easy [and Fun]

Make Changing Medicare Benefits Easy and Fun

Changing your Medicare benefits during Annual Enrollment Period 2019 doesn’t have to be difficult! We’re here to make it easy…

There are things you can do that are fun — like “edgewalking” Canada’s CN Tower (168 feet above the ground, on a ledge, toes-only, just you and a tether) or floating (endlessly) in one of the world’s largest swimming pools at the Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile.

Then there are things you may consider not quite as exhilarating, such as working out what changes you need to make to your Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D Prescription Plan during AEP 2019.

Okay, we’re the first to admit that drifting around an enormous turquoise pool is tough to compete with, but we’re here to make updating your Medicare Advantage benefits as easy, understandable — and fun — as possible.

So, let’s start with 3 important reasons to talk to someone about your Medicare benefits during Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) — starting October 15 (It’s that’s close!).

1. You changed addresses

If you’ve changed your address in the past year, your move won’t affect your Original Medicare benefits (Part A-hospitalization and Part B-doctor visits).

Of course, you’ll need to update your personal information on the Social Security website.

However, if you have changed county or state, and you have a Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D prescription plan, your Medicare plan benefits may also change.

That’s because, Medicare Advantage plans can vary from county to county and state to state.

For example, some states provide extra help with prescription drugs, while other states may not recognize your existing plan (if that’s the case, you can take immediate action under the Special Enrollment Period).

2. Your doctor wants you to take a “new” medication

You know scenario — you get to the pharmacy window to pick up your new prescription. Over the top of the computer screen, the pharmacist’s eyebrows pull together in a knot…

“So, it looks like your doctor is recommending a new drug. And it’s so new, there are no generic options.” (Translation: “Brace yourself, because this drug is new-Corvette expensive.”)

This is also a good reason to take a closer look at your Medicare Part D Plan and make any changes during AEP. That includes assessing the costs related to your drugs, your plan type and pharmacy network.

A good place to start is with your doctor — talk to him or her about drug alternatives. You can also visit this Medicare page for more information on premiums, copayments, and more.

Remember, too, the MSHP licensed specialists are here — you are not alone.

3. Your Medicare Advantage Premium increased?

Just as gas prices and groceries go up, so do Medicare Advantage and Part D premiums. Over the past year, your premium may have experienced changes, resulting in higher costs — for you.

AEP to the rescue! This is the perfect time to assess your existing plan and explore more cost-effective options. That may include reassessing, for example, your hearing coverage (if your needs have changed), and focusing on other coverage areas that you depend on more.

It’s important to remember that your Medicare Advantage Plan is not static — that, during AEP, you can make adjustments to your premium and get the benefits to fit your specific needs.

Get the most out of AEP 2019

Every year, AEP season provides you the opportunity to adjust your Medicare Advantage benefits.  That may range from your eyeglasses prescription coverage to your in-network doctor. Ultimately, it’s your chance to feel confident that you have the right healthcare benefits for the upcoming year.  

Need someone to answer your Medicare plan questions or walk you through the process of changing your Medicare benefits during AEP? We can help make sense of all things Medicare and point you in the right direction to get your Medicare benefits in top shape (We’d also love to hear about your latest fun adventure!)

It’s easy to get in touch: (877)255-6273