Senior Travel: Vacation Planning Checklist for Your Summer

Traveling later in life is highly recommended: senior travel is exciting, it’s a break from your normal routine, and it might fulfill some of your lifelong goals. To ensure your trip is full of laughter, fun and relaxation, the following checklist can help you put your plans in place. Here are five items to add to your to-do list before you leave on vacation:

1.    Look Up Senior Discount Activities

You may know where to find all the deals in your hometown, but don’t forget to look around at your vacation destination as well. Senior travel doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find transportation, tours and activities that offer significant discounts to seniors. From a $10 senior pass to all U.S. National Parks to discount airline tickets, you can live life to the fullest on vacation without worrying about your budget.

2.    Pack a Full Supply of Medications

How long will you be gone on your trip? It’s best not to assume you will be able to fill a prescription at your destination, just in case something goes wrong. Bring as much medication as you’ll need to last you until you return home, and maybe a few extra day’s worth to be safe.

3.    Address Mobility Issues

Do you have a connecting flight to catch that will require you to walk all over the airport? Do you need assistance loading and unloading luggage from your rental car or taxi? Senior travel may involve making some phone calls ahead of time to arrange for help if you or a loved one has challenges with mobility. You don’t have to let your decreased physical abilities hold you back, as long as you make arrangements in advance you will still enjoy a stress-free vacation.

4.    Take Your Medical Records

Regardless of the state of your health, once you reach senior status it is smart to print off a copy of your medical records to bring on any long trips. You should also have the contact information for your doctor and an emergency number for a loved one. If you have any health issues while you’re away, you can make sure the physician treating you has all the information they need.

5.    Purchase Travel Insurance

Don’t assumer your health insurance will cover you once you leave the country – in most cases, it won’t. Also, think about all the scenarios that could come up between when you book your trip and when you leave. Do you want to pay for an entire vacation only to have to cancel it at the last minute? Of course not, but if you do have to cancel, it would be nice to recoup some of the funds.

Purchasing travel insurance is a wise decision when it comes to senior travel, especially for the health care coverage. You can even make sure you’re covered for an evacuation, in case you’re extremely ill and can’t fly on a commercial flight.

Call My Senior Health Plan today for a free consultation before you book your next vacation. Summer is an ideal time to get away and our team can help you find travel insurance that meets your needs and puts your mind at ease.