Spring Travel for Seniors: Stay Local. Have a Blast.

Senior spring travel: stay local and have a blast.

Spring travel for seniors provides the opportunity to get out after the colder months and enjoy a quick, local vacation—maybe to a neighboring town or city.

See how to give your spring getaway a new, fun twist.

Plan your spring travel around hobbies and interests

Do you have interests that you’d like to explore in a new setting? Planning a local trip around a hobby can spark inspiration beyond looking online or checking out library resources.


Need some inspiration other than the neighborhood gardens and nursery?

Dust off your gardening journal and choose your travel destination based on botanical or specialty gardens (like Japanese, cactus or rose gardens).

In addition, visiting historic homes and museums in neighboring cities can be a great source for planting ideas. From the landscape architecture to plant selections, inspiration is sure to hit as you wander through the scenic landscapes.  


If history is your thing, from war museums to ghost towns, you can plan a trip around a town’s historic offerings. That might include staying at a historic hotel, touring a trading post or visiting a one-of-a-kind folk-art collection.

Study up ahead of time, check on tour dates and times, and get ready for a trip into the past.

Wine (and more)

Many wineries start celebrating the warmer days by opening their tasting rooms and setting up their alfresco seating. Try a small winery for a personalized experience. You can join their email list ahead of time to hear about their upcoming events.

In preparation for the busier season, they may offer food pairings from local restaurants and farms, as well as live music and local art. Do they offer tours? This is a great way to see the vineyard, chat with the owners and hear their stories.

Get away to get active

Hike, bike, walk, run. You can build a trip around physical activity. Whatever your ability, there are plenty of fun ways to do an active, local trip. And at the end of the day, simply return to your hotel, Airbnb or RV to enjoy some well-earned downtime.

Sign up for a community walk—in another town

Doing a community walk in a new city provides the opportunity to see the sights (like eyeing that restaurant for the evening meal) while exercising and having fun.

Many fund-raising organizations (such as March of Dimes and local animal shelters) host community spring walks (and 5K runs). What a great way to get out, give back, and experience a new place on foot.

Additionally, with the help of apps and websites (see digital resources below), you can plan your spring walking getaway around the local trails or community groups.

Spring snow travel

Whether you want to hit the slopes to catch the last of the snow or hike the surrounding trails, spring is a great to time head to a nearby snow mountain. As the snow melts and wildflowers start to emerge, ski areas offer many activities.

For example, California’s Big Bear Mountain comes alive with adventure, touring and leisure activities. From horseback riding to strolling around the spring farmers markets, there’s something for every taste and fitness ability.

Connect with local seniors

Wherever you travel, meeting new people can make a trip more memorable. In addition to getting to know other seniors, you can get their insider’s perspective on where to eat and go that the tourist guides might not know.

Like the small restaurant with secret family recipes and a home-style welcome, the cozy bookstore with armchairs and organic coffee, or the hiking trail with breathtaking wildflowers and photo opportunities.

Senior centers

Look online for the senior center website in the town you’d like to visit. Are they having an upcoming event you could attend—like a dinner dance at the center, a guided tour of a historic district or a day trip to a wildlife reserve?

Give them a call for more details and let them know you’re interested. This will create a friendly connection for when you arrive.


Check the local library website for upcoming events. Book readings, yoga classes or coffee mornings generally include social time. What a great opportunity to chat with local residents and learn what their town has to offer!

Tap into your digital resources

Between your smartphone and computer, you can plan your spring trip with ease. Here are some websites and apps you may find useful.

  • Yelp.com: Use the app on your phone or access the website on your computer to see details and reviews on everything from restaurants to golf courses.
  • Alltrails.com: Download the app or visit their website to locate trails at your destination. Enter the city and get details on trails, including facilities, ability levels, reviews, and directions.
  • Meetup.com: Check out the Meetup website and app as a tool for planning your trip. Want to play golf at your destination? Why play alone when you can cruise the course with like-minded, local enthusiasts?  The Meetup slogan says it all: Join a local group to meet people, try something new, or do more of what you love.
  • State park websites: Whether you plan to travel by RV or stay in a cabin, your state’s park website is a useful resource for finding the perfect locations, activities and facilities.

Get ready for your fun spring adventure

Maybe you’re planning a bigger vacation for the summer and want to get out now for a quick trip. Or maybe you’re excited to explore somewhere close to home.  

Planning your local spring trip around activities you enjoy, with the added bonus of meeting new people, is a great way to shake off the sleepiness of winter and celebrate the start of a vibrant new season. Have fun!

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