How to Form an Effective Senior Fitness Plan for the Winter: Make Staying Active Your Goal

You know from years of past experience that winter can be a season where you fall short of your fitness goals. Now that you’re in your golden years, you also know how important it is to live healthy each and every day, regardless of the temperature and precipitation outside. Staying active is one of the primary ways you can take charge of your health and promote wellness for years to come. So how should you deal with the winter months? Is it possible to create a senior fitness plan that can last through the changing weather?

Investigate Local Gym Memberships

When the skies turn gray and the rain begins to fall, the outdoors don’t look as inviting as they did a few months prior. If you live in a snowy climate, leaving your house is even less of an option.

But what if you could make a short drive to the local gym, where indoor exercise equipment, classes and training abound? Start calling local gyms and ask about a senior fitness membership. Many gyms have pools with aqua training options and aerobic and strength training classes geared for your age group. Your gym membership won’t only encourage you to stay fit through the winter, it can help you socialize even when the weather is telling you to stay home.

Research Free Fitness Websites

There are many free senior fitness video classes available online or on demand through your cable network. You may also be able to rent a fitness DVD or borrow a copy of a fitness title at your local library. Invest in a few weights, resistance bands and exercise mats for your home, and you can stay active on the cold winter days when driving to the gym is also not an option.

Try a New Winter Sport

Just because it’s winter does not mean all outdoor activity has to stop. If you are feeling adventurous and you’ve consulted with your doctor to make sure you have no health limitations, try your hand at cross country skiing, recreational ice skating or other winter sport that appeals to you.

Don’t Let Your Healthy Eating Habits Die

A central component to any senior fitness plan is the diet you follow each and every day. Even though the winter months bring holidays and many tasty treats, practice moderation and limit your sugar, carbohydrate and fat intake as much as possible. Continue to focus on consuming green, leafy vegetables and meats, legumes and fruits rich in vitamins and protein. Balance can help you come out of winter without the few extra pounds you’ve carried in years prior.

If you would like to find out if your current health insurance plan subsidizes any exercise programs or senior fitness memberships, call My Senior Health Plan today to learn more.