Would You Thrive in a Retirement Community?

When you are considering your lifestyle options for your golden years, making the move to a retirement community no doubt crosses your mind. Maybe you have friends, relatives or neighbors that have transitioned to senior retirement communities and have only positive reviews to provide. On the other hand, maybe you have heard all about the drawbacks involved and are hesitant to make the change and adopt this lifestyle.

How you answer the following questions will predict whether living in a retirement community will satisfy your needs physically, socially and financially. Review all the facts before making your decision on where to spend your senior years.

Are You Looking for a Built-In Social Network?

One of the major benefits to living in senior retirement communities is having adults of the same age living close-by. Many communities have organized daily events that can include outings, fitness classes, sports leagues, social hours and more. You will have the opportunity to make friends and bond with your neighbors and receive the social support you may not benefit from in a traditional neighborhood.

Would You Love to No Longer Worry About House and Yard Maintenance?

You may have spent years keeping up with the mowing, the weeding and the watering. Now you are ready to put away your garden tools and focus on new pursuits. Many senior retirement communities offer inhabitants the opportunity to opt into a lawn maintenance program, freeing up many hours of your day so you can fill it with a more desirable pastime.

Would You Appreciate Low-Cost Meal Plan Options?

Grocery shopping and meal preparation is another task you would rather leave behind once you enter retirement. Living in a retirement community with healthy, cost-effective meal plans allows you to do just that, since you can pay to have hot, healthy meals delivered to your door. It is a major improvement over the usual take-out options you may find in a regular neighborhood and the food choices are designed to promote senior health.

Would You Like On-Call Medical Assistance?

Speaking of health, wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know there is an on-call nurse or doctor available at all times in your retirement community? While these services are usually paid for out-of-pocket by residents, it can be life-saving as well as convenient to have a medical professional stationed nearby.

Will You Save Money Overall?

Only you know the state of your personal finances. It’s time to crunch the numbers and decide if moving into a retirement community makes sense as a long-term move. Remember, you can cut costs such as auto insurance and car payments by choosing a retirement community that offers transportation to residents. Talk to a financial advisor and the loved ones in your life about all aspects of senior retirement community living, then start touring locations until you find your niche.

Remember to always depend on My Senior Health Plan when you have questions about your insurance plan, especially when you are making major changes in your living situation and location.