Simple Ways to Get Fit: The Senior Guide

Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to start exercising more or just want to feel stronger and have better balance, starting any senior fitness program can be difficult. Here are a few starter tips to get you on the right path:

Simple Ways to Get Fit

Start small

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself in the beginning if you haven’t been exercising regularly in the past. Too many people who haven’t been doing any physical activity will start working out too hard or too often and can get injured or feel burned out. This goes for a lot of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution to commit to working out. According to a survey from Sears Holdings, more than half of Americans have given up on their resolutions. The other half may have found the trick – sticking with products and programs that can keep them motivated.

Even if you haven’t spent much time in the gym lately, it’s never too late to start and there are dozens of exercises perfect for seniors. Just remember to start slowly and continue adding intensity and distance to workouts. Even going for a short walk a few days a week can be a good start.

Try home fitness

As new technology emerges, more Americans are investing in home fitness programs that enable them to work out without needing to go to the gym. Wii Fit has recently gained popularity with seniors, who enjoy the versatile activities and then may be motivated to continue exercising outside the home. Working out at home is convenient and cheap for many Americans.

Mix up the program is one of the simple ways to get fit

To stay motivated, it can be a good idea to continually switch up the exercises you choose to do. Go for a walk a few days each week and try swimming others. Encourage friends and family to exercise with you or consider going to a senior class to work out with other people. Mixing up your normal workout with other methods of exercise will ensure that you don’t become bored or give up your routine.

Seek out advice

When initiating any exercise program, consult with a doctor to see if you are healthy enough for certain activities. An injury can disrupt your fitness goals and be detrimental to health, so get checked out first. If you’re all clear, then you will have nothing to worry about when performing new exercises.

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Pete Blasi