Medicare Wellness Checkup: Which are Included for FREE?

New healthcare law changes have increased the benefits of many seniors to include free doctor visits and preventive screening services. These new changes will allow healthcare professionals to detect chronic illnesses and other diseases sooner, which will be more beneficial to patients and decrease the overall cost of the healthcare system. Before the healthcare law was passed, Medicare did not cover routine exams such as yearly checkups.

Medicare checkup
Seniors who reach Medicare eligibility are entitled to a free checkup. After signing up for Medicare Part B, seniors can visit a doctor within the first 12 months at no cost as a welcome visit. The visit includes a complete review of medical and social history as well as introduces Medicare beneficiaries to the preventive services offered with their plan.

During this visit, seniors will also undergo some medical examination that will help determine the current state of health. The examination will include making sure that seniors are up to date with preventive screenings, services and shots, a blood pressure and vision test, and a calculation of body mass index. Seniors should bring their medical records, prescription medicines and family health history with them to the welcome visit to ensure that nothing is overlooked when determining health risks.

In addition to the welcome visit, those enrolled in Part B may also visit a doctor for a yearly wellness check. These visits are intended to assess health and develop a personalized plan to prevent disease and disability. During this visit, patients are also asked to fill out a risk assessment questionnaire that will help the doctor and patient determine the personalized plan for senior wellness.

Both the welcome visit and following annual visits are free for patients if they use a doctor that accepts Medicare. Part B deductibles do not apply for these doctor visits. However, if other services or tests are performed, seniors may need to pay coinsurance rates.

How to sign up for free checkups
All seniors enrolled in Medicare are eligible for the welcome and wellness visits. To sign up for a welcome or annual visit, seniors enrolled in Medicare should schedule an appointment with a physician. Medicare recipients should be informed that not all doctors accept the free annual visits, as the healthcare law does not mandate the service. Therefore, seniors must be careful to choose a doctor who does accept the Medicare wellness visit.

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