The Top 10 Podcasts for Seniors

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When you first dive into the world of podcasts for seniors, the listening options can seem endless. But don’t give up! While finding the right podcasts for you might take a few tries, there is most certainly a podcast (or three or four!) out there that you’ll find entertaining, educational and engaging.  

In a previous post, we looked at what podcasts are and where you can listen. Now, we’re sharing 10 podcasts for seniors that cover everything from current events to personal stories.  

Baby Boomer Tales

If you enjoy reminiscing, you’ll love Baby Boomer Tales hosted by Jim Fulk. There’s no fluff or ads in this podcast featuring a baby boomer who enjoys sharing his personal memories of the 1950s and 60s. And with five years of episodes to listen to, you won’t run out for quite some time!

Younger with Dr. Robyn Benson

Dr. Robyn Benson is an expert in regenerative medicine. Her podcast, Younger with Dr. Robyn Benson, explores holistic approaches to health and wellness for seniors, covering topics such as nutrition, exercise, alternative therapies and anti-aging strategies.

The Retirement Answer Man® Show

Hosted by Roger Whitney, a certified financial planner, The Retirement Answer Man® Show provides practical advice and strategies for navigating the financial and lifestyle aspects of retirement. Roger addresses topics like Medicare, social security and investing along with travel, book recommendations and much more.

Growing Bolder

Hosted by veteran broadcaster Marc Middleton, Growing Bolder provides inspiration and practical advice for living your best life in retirement. He and his co-hosts interview extraordinary people and top experts who are redefining aging. 

The Moth

Presented by the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), The Moth is a storytelling podcast where thousands of real people have shared their personal experiences, often with humor, emotion and insight. And, if you can’t get enough by listening to the podcast, they host live events around the country.

Revisionist History

Are you a history buff? If so, you’ll love Revisionist History! Acclaimed author Malcolm Gladwell challenges conventional wisdom while examining historical events and ideas in this thought-provoking podcast. He looks at events, people, ideas and art to see if we just might need to revise our initial opinions.

Podcasts for seniorsThe Daily

The Daily is just what it sounds like—a daily 20-minute podcast from The New York Times. Hosts Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise take a traditional journalistic approach to covering current events, politics, the economy and more in the U.S. and around the world. 

Ideal podcasts for seniorsAARP The Perfect Scam

You might remember our series from a few years ago exploring how criminals often target seniors. The Perfect Scam is the perfect follow-up! This is a weekly podcast educating seniors about common scams targeting older adults, featuring real-life stories and expert advice on how to protect yourself.

The Caregiver’s Toolbox

The Caregiver’s Toolbox podcast interviews senior care experts from around the country who give practical advice, resources and support for seniors and their caregivers. The show dives into topics such as caregiving strategies, aging in place and navigating the healthcare system.

Optimal podcasts for seniorsTED Talks Daily

Everyone loves a TED Talk, but if you’re also looking for a daily bite-size podcast, TED Talks Daily is another great offering. Journalist Elise Hu hosts short, thought-provoking talks on technology, science, personal development and global issues.  

Of course, these ten podcasts for seniors are just the beginning. There are thousands of podcasts available, but if you’re new to the format, they’re a great place to start! As you get more comfortable listening to podcasts, you’ll discover new shows, from true crime to trivia, that may suit your personality better. So take your time and explore what’s available in your areas of interest.  

At the same time, podcasts are a great way to gain new insights and fresh perspectives, so keep an open mind. Perhaps you’ll even stumble upon a newfound passion. Happy listening!  Don’t forget that the My Senior Health Plan is always here to help guide you on your Medicare options. Reach out and contact us here, email us at, or call 844-783-2340.

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