The 4 Best Podcast Apps for Seniors

best podcast apps for seniors


Between all the streaming devices, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, and multiple platforms for television and movies in your home, knowing what to watch (and where!) can be overwhelming. There are probably times when you want to set those distractions aside and just have some company during simple tasks like exercising or cleaning. Listening to a podcast is the perfect alternative. That’s why we’re exploring the best podcast apps for seniors.

Podcasts have been around for years, but their popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic. Suddenly, every celebrity, mega-fan, influencer, and thought leader was developing and releasing their own personal podcast. Although thousands of podcasts are still released every month, that growth has understandably slowed over the last few years. Still, from news and storytelling to education and entertainment, you’ll have no problem finding a podcast on anything and everything that interests you. 

Understanding podcasts for seniors

Before you dive into this popular and accessible form of content, you should understand exactly what a podcast is, what to expect from your listening experience, and where you can access this audio phenomenon.

What is a podcast, anyway?

Podcasts are similar to radio shows, with the advantage that you can listen wherever and whenever you’d like. You just need a device with internet connectivity—like a smartphone, tablet, or computer—to either listen online or download. You can listen to as many podcasts as you’d like with no limit!

Like radio, actively listening to podcasts provides mental stimulation, keeping your mind engaged and active. You may also experience a sense of companionship, especially if you’re living alone. The main difference between radio and podcasts is you can choose the subject matter and rewind or fast forward any time. And, while there may be some advertising, there is much less than on a typical radio show.

A podcast for everyone

The sheer number of podcasts means there’s something for everyone. If you’re interested in history, there are podcasts delving into historical events and figures. Perhaps you have a passion for storytelling. There are captivating narrative podcasts exploring every topic imaginable! Or, if you’re looking for a bit of relaxation, you might like meditation or nature-themed podcasts. It’s practically impossible you won’t find content to enjoy.

Navigating podcast episodes

Podcasts are organized into episodes, each focusing on a specific theme or issue relating to the broader subject. Some podcasts follow a series format, telling a story over multiple episodes. With this structure, especially when the release is a limited series, you’ll start with the first installment and continue in order to the finale. But most podcasts feature standalone episodes, allowing you to easily scroll through the titles and descriptions to find what specifically interests you.

Best podcast apps for seniors

To get started, choose an app that suits your preferences. These apps are typically user-friendly and can be set to automatically download episodes from your favorite shows. Most podcasts release their episodes on multiple platforms but confirm that the app you choose carries the shows you want to listen to. Here are a few of the best podcast apps for seniors: 

apple podcast

1. Apple Podcasts

If you use an Apple device, you already have Apple Podcasts. And, if you (or a helpful family member) have already personalized your device, you shouldn’t even need to sign in. Just tap on the Apple Podcasts logo, search for the podcasts you want, and start listening.


2. Pocket Casts

This popular app is easy to use, free, and doesn’t require you to provide personal information to log in. Pocket Casts is available for Apple and Android devices, including the Jitterbug Smart. 

amazon podcast3. Amazon

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you already have access to Amazon Music, which features all of the top podcasts. The greatest benefit of this platform is that all podcasts are ad-free!

spotify podcast4. Spotify

Spotify is the most popular podcast app in the world. They offer access to thousands of podcasts, including some exclusive to their platform. The free version includes the basic features needed to listen to podcasts, so there’s no need to subscribe if you don’t want to.

There are hundreds more podcast apps for you to choose from. Podcasts present so many opportunities for staying informed, engaged, and entertained that we hope you’ll give them a try. And stay tuned, because next month, we’ll look at senior-friendly podcasts you might enjoy.

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