A Guide to the Best Streaming Services for Seniors



Gone are the days of cable TV! Today, streaming services are just as popular with seniors as they are with young adults. But it turns out cable televisions’ limited number of shows was a bit of a blessing. Choosing what to watch was pretty simple—you simply picked from whatever was on at the time. So what are the best streaming services for seniors?

Because now that streaming services are ubiquitous, the seemingly endless platforms available might be giving you a bit of choice overload. Not only are many of the shows you love exclusive to a specific service, but each platform offers different subscription levels. Which to choose?

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What are the best streaming services for seniors?

While there’s no specific streaming service aimed at seniors (yet!), some are easier to navigate than others and offer shows that appeal to a wide audience. You’ll definitely be able to find the right entertainment for you in the list below! (You can find more of our suggestions here)

1. Amazon Prime Video 

From free shipping to discounted rates on groceries, Amazon Prime offers far more than just streaming services. And since seniors on Medicare pay a discounted rate of $6.99 per month for an Amazon Prime membership, this platform is a great choice. This membership gives you automatic access to Amazon’s streaming service, Amazon Prime Video.

Shows like the British drama Downton Abbey, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and the 1950s period dramedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel are all available on Amazon Prime Video. You can also buy or rent movies through the platform, meaning you have access to all the entertainment you want to watch when you want it!

2. Hulu

Hulu is another robust streaming platform that provides access to both network and original programming. Many current news shows are available the next day after airing. From Steve Martin’s Only Murders in the Building, the celebrity family-tree exploring documentary Who Do You Think You Are? to Academy Award nominated films like A Beautiful Mind, Hulu has something for everyone. 

While basic Hulu is free, you have the option to add subscriptions to premium channels and live television. A popular choice for families is The Disney Bundle that gives you access to Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN. You can create up to six user profiles under your account which is ideal if you have a multi-member household.

3. Netflix

The most popular streaming service on the planet, Netflix offers a huge selection of movies and shows and adds new ones every week. You’ll find a wide-range of entertainment including a darling Japanese reality show, Old Enough!, that follows toddlers running errands, the critically acclaimed limited series The Queen’s Gambit and the low-stakes competitive baking classic, The Great British Baking Show.

For now, Netflix’s basic subscription gives you ad-free access to everything they offer. And the platform’s five-user profile feature makes viewing preferences customizable for the whole family. 

4. Paramount+

Newly reintroduced to the streaming space, Paramount+ —previously CBS All Access—includes current CBS shows, their live sports channels and classic entertainment like NCIS and Top Gun

6. AcornTV

AcornTV is a fun option for streaming that offers exclusively British offerings. There’s Girlfriends, a show that explores “three women of a certain age … juggling the challenges of modern life when a tragedy exposes secrets that put their friendship to the test,” the popular and long-running Midsommer Murders and the charming comedy, Kingdom, starring Stephen Fry. AcornTV lets you explore exquisite dramas, timeless classics and thrilling murder mysteries with casts of charming, classy actors. 

We hope our guide to the best streaming services for seniors helps you choose the right entertainment platforms for you!


image credit: shutterstock/Stokkete

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