4 Best Streaming Devices for Seniors

best streaming devices for seniors


If you read our article on the best streaming services for seniors, we hope you were able to narrow down the list to one that suits your lifestyle. But your journey isn’t over just yet! Next, we’re going to look at the best streaming devices for seniors.

There are several streaming devices to choose from, each offering different advantages. To help inform your purchase, we’ve put together a list of the best streaming devices for seniors. When you make your decision, you’ll (finally!) be ready to stream your favorite shows and movies whenever you want.

What are the best streaming devices for seniors?

As with the many different media platforms out there, there’s no streaming device designed specifically for seniors. But some have features that might appeal to your unique circumstances.

1. Roku

Roku streaming devices are comprehensive, affordable and simple. This platform offers a few devices, from the basic Roku Express to the Roku Ultra that provides high-speed internet. Roku also sells the Roku TV—a smart TV that eliminates the hassle of setting up an external streaming device.

Senior Benefit: The Roku remote has large, easy-to-see buttons to take you right to popular streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu. Simple and straightforward, Roku streaming devices are a great option for seniors. 

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick 

Like Roku, the Amazon Fire TV Stick provides instant access to all the popular streaming services, not just Amazon Prime Video. Amazon also sells a Smart TV—the Amazon Fire TV. Both the Amazon Fire Stick and TV can be operated with a simple remote or with Amazon Alexa.

Senior Benefit: In addition to streaming services, the Amazon Fire TV and Stick provide access to apps that offer everything you could ever need, including fitness programs, recipes and games for kids. You can even play music on the Fire TV Stick! The many different uses make the Amazon streaming device a good choice for seniors who want well-rounded entertainment.

3. Apple TV

Apple TV is a streaming device that provides access to many different services, including the Apple TV+ streaming service. While the Apple TV streaming device is more expensive than most, the device and entertainment are of a higher quality. And Apple TV’s devices feature Dolby video and audio to create a more cinematic experience.

Senior Benefit: You (or the grandkids!) can use iTunes and play Apple games, as well as share Apple entertainment and photos between all your Apple devices. If you’re already comfortable using Apple products, you might want to go with Apple TV!

4. Chromecast 

Google’s Chromecast is simple and affordable, and it projects entertainment from your devices onto your TV. Because Chromecast allows you to show web searches and media from your phone, tablet or laptop on a bigger screen, this device is helpful and entertaining. 

Senior Benefit: Chromecast responds to voice commands, and you can connect Google Nest cameras as well.

With this list of the best streaming devices for seniors, the right device to complete your entertainment experience is within your reach!

Choosing the right streaming service is an important decision but often overshadowed by the need to ensure that you are able to maintain a lifestyle that affords the luxury of using it. A healthy lifestyle is supported through making smart choices when it comes to your senior health insurance coverage. Let our My Senior Health Plan Medicare consultants guide you through the complexities and nuances of choosing the right plan for your needs. Reach out and contact us today!


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