5 Ways to Celebrate a Milestone Birthday

Whether you’re turning 50 or 100, birthdays seem to become more special as you age. You don’t want to celebrate your 70th the same way you partied a decade earlier. It’s time to change up the routine.

Here are five ways to make sure your next milestone birthday is a day to remember, for you and everyone you choose to share it with.

1.    Pick a Destination

Make it a point to get out of your normal routine: take a vacation. Pick a destination you’ve never visited before and absorb a brand new atmosphere. Or maybe visit an old haunt, somewhere you haven’t been in years. You don’t have to travel far. Pick a location within driving distance and get out of town for a day or a week.

2.    Revisit Your Bucket List

Whether your bucket list is physically written down or it’s just a bunch of mental notes, stop putting off the goals you have for yourself. A milestone birthday is a perfect time to assess where you are at versus where you want to be.

You’ve been wanting to learn to play the piano for years? Then schedule a lesson. You’ve always wanted to go skydiving? Then take the chance. As William Ross said, “Every many dies. Not every man really lives.”

3.    Give a Gift to Yourself

Sometimes all that’s required for a satisfying birthday is getting that big-ticket item you’ve had your eye on for ages. Have you been coveting a luxury car? Have you been wanting to replace old furniture and redecorate?

Save up your cash throughout the year and splurge on your milestone birthday. The anticipation will make the day even more exciting when it finally arrives.

4.    Relax and Meditate

Maybe a milestone birthday comes after a challenging year. Whether you’ve faced financial, physical or emotional hurdles, a birthday should be reserved for refocusing on what’s important.

One of the best ways to re-center yourself and regain perspective is by setting aside at least one day, preferably more, with no social obligations on the agenda. Schedule a massage. Lounge leisurely in your pajamas. A day of meditation and relaxation might be exactly what your mind and body needs.

5.    Gather with Loved Ones

Sometimes there is nothing quite as satisfying as being around the people you love. From a simple dinner to a good old-fashioned birthday party complete with cake and ice cream, just being surrounding by your family and friends is the ideal way to celebrate.

No matter what you decide to do to celebrate another chapter in your life, it’s most important that you are the one making the decision. You deserve to call the shots on your special day.

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Pete Blasi