6 Holiday Fitness Tips to Keep You On Track

Holiday fitness. For some reason, it does not seem like those two words belong together. When you think of the holidays, you probably think of pumpkin pie, hot cocoa and eggnog – none of which are particularly healthy for you.

But if you want to stay focused on fitness throughout the year, you have to accept the fact that maintaining an exercise routine through the holiday season is necessary. Otherwise, you may lose your drive and motivation and you’ll be starting over with your New Year’s resolution instead of building on the progress you made this past year.

Here are six holiday fitness tips to keep you moving and your heart rate elevated throughout the fun-filled, family-focused weeks that round out the year.

  1. Prioritize Your Exercise Time

For many people, when life gets busy, exercise is the first item to fall off the to-do list. Don’t let this happen to you. Make a commitment to yourself ahead of time that you will consider even a short exercise session as a daily necessity rather than an add-on or bonus activity.

  1. Make Exercise a Family Affair

Do you have children, grandchildren, siblings or parents in town? You don’t have to exercise alone. Include them in your daily laps in the community pool or your walk around the neighborhood. You will bond through a shared experience while collectively improving your health.

  1. Set a Post-Holiday Goal

Is there a walk or trail run you can sign up for that takes place in January or February? This will keep you focused on fitness not just for the sake of exercise itself, but because you are working towards a goal. Slacking off will have more serious consequences.

  1. Request Fitness Gifts

If your family members are subtly investigating what you may want for a holiday gift, casually mention that new exercise machine or fitness tracker you have had your eye on. Opening a new pair of walking shoes or yoga clothes on Christmas morning can spark your interest in trying them on and taking them for a spin.

  1. Stay Alert for Deals

Many gyms and fitness classes offer holiday sign-up discounts. If you don’t already belong to a gym, look around for deals in your area and think about adding a new regular activity. Getting a membership for a low price can also provide the motivation you may lack during the holiday season.

  1. Make Do with What You Can Do

Do you only have a half hour before you have to be somewhere? Don’t shrug off your exercise routine. Just because you don’t have time to visit the gym doesn’t mean you can’t at least stretch or do a quick cardio workout in your living room. Even 10 minutes a day is better than cutting out exercise altogether.

These holiday fitness tips are designed to keep you on track with your exercise routine and not let the festive atmosphere distract you from your goals. The team at My Senior Health Plan knows how important it is for adults of all ages, especially those in their retirement years, to stay active to stay healthy.

Pete Blasi