Senior Discounts – Save Big on These 3 Categories This Year

In a time of rising costs, senior discounts are more important than ever. Luckily, they are proving resistant to inflation. Mentions of “senior discount” on Yelp were up 36% between 2021 and 2022, and nearly 80% of reviews mentioning those discounts were positive. This is a good sign for seniors looking to take advantage of the savings still out there!

Senior discounts are offered by major chains and local companies alike. The best policy is always to ask: there’s nothing to lose! That being said, here are three types of senior discounts you should keep an eye out for in 2023:

Senior Discounts Are All Around – If You Know Where to Look

1. Food

Groceries are an ever-important category for senior discounts. Several grocery store chains have in-store programs specifically for seniors. 

For example, Albertson’s offers senior discounts across its more than 2,200 locations and encourages you to check directly with your local store for details. Fred Meyer offers 10% off to its 55+ customers on the first Tuesday of each month. And Harris Teeter has a Club 60 program, where seniors can save 5% every Thursday.

There’s also an opportunity for savings if you’re only looking for a quick bite. A wide variety of restaurants offer senior discounts or perks on their menus. These range from money back to free drinks to IHOP’s price-slashed menu for seniors. Whether you’re hungry now or later, there are many thrifty options leading to a happy belly.

2. Retail

Need a new outfit? Kohl’s has 15% off on Wednesdays for those “60 or better.” (We couldn’t agree more with the “better” part!) How about a new hobby? Michael’s gives seniors 10% back every day. If you’re looking to browse and repurpose, Goodwill offers 15% off every Tuesday with a 55+ ID.

For stocking up on home necessities and medications, Walgreens has a Senior’s Day with 20% off eligible items, along with cash-back rewards. If Rite Aid is more convenient to you, they offer a benefits program with 5x rewards points on the first Wednesday of each month. Rite Aid also offers a free pharmacist consultation, allowing you to handle your shopping and your medication questions in one trip!

3. Apps

There’s a whole world of extra savings you can unlock with your smartphone. While most money-saving apps aren’t tailored specifically to seniors, some apply more to your needs than others.

Before using a discount prescription app, you should double-check your Medicare prescription plan with your insurance agent. But, in some cases, you may be able to find discounts that will help lower the cost of your prescriptions. For example, the GoodRx app gives you instant access to money-saving coupons. You can also compare drug prices at different pharmacies, all with just a few taps. And, for pet medications, check out the Easy Drug Card app!

Cash-back apps are also worth exploring. You can use them to find rebates on a variety of goods. Ibotta is a popular app, giving cash back for both in-person and online shopping that you can redeem through gift cards or PayPal transfers. Fetch is also highly used and is particularly popular for grocery shopping. Others you might want to look into include Rakuten and, for dining out, Dosh.

There are also senior discounts for car rentals, hotel stays, and phone plans. Before making just about any purchase, take a moment to check for a senior discount! All you need is a little savvy and some sleuthing to keep those much-needed dollars back in your pocket.

Unfortunately, in most cases Medicare doesn’t offer “senior discounts” through their healthcare coverage. The key is choosing the right plan, at the right price point, and to understand the importance of knowing how to maximize your Medicare benefits. For free and trusted advice and guidance on Medicare benefit eligibility, Medicare enrollment periods, or any other aspect of senior health coverage, contact our experienced advisors for assistance!


image credit: shutterstock/fizkes