5 Simple Tips for Staying Healthy over the Holidays

Stay healthy over the holidays with these tips

Staying healthy over the holidays can be a challenge. Whether flying to see your grandchildren on another coast or filling your calendar with end-of-year events, these schedule changes can throw you off your game.

Here’s a handy, stay-healthy checklist

Think of it as a reminder that taking care of yourself is priority number one. After all, you don’t want to miss out on the holiday fun because you’re under the weather!

1. Get your flu shot 

According the CDC, “Flu vaccination is especially important for people 65 years and older because they are at high risk of developing serious complications from flu.” Before you start dancing the nights away, drop by your pharmacy or medical clinic for your seasonal flu shot.

2. Keep exercising

When your routine changes, it’s easy to let exercise habits fall a1.way. But it’s important to adapt your fitness activities (from Tango classes to T’ai Chi) to your busy schedule. The key is to make healthy activities part of your holiday plans—like going on family strolls or walking with friends at the mall.

3. Stay hydrated

As it gets chilly outside and you get busy organizing holiday events, your water intake can drop. Don’t let dehydration creep up on you, as it can cause serious illnesses. Keep a water bottle nearby and set a goal to drink a healthy amount of fluids each day.

4. Beware of obstacles

You know where everything is in your home. Staying with family members or going to a friend’s house for celebrations puts unexpected objects in your path (the extension cord from the tree lights, the toy car in the hall, the kitchen mat, etc.). At home, moving around on autopilot works fine. In other people’s homes, watch out for tripping hazards.

5. Take breaks

It’s okay to step away from holiday festivities. Understand your social-activity limits and let your family and friends know that you need downtime. With some self-prescribed rest, you can recharge and then jump back in for more fun.

Over the holidays, healthy routines can get derailed. And that makes you vulnerable to illnesses, putting you out of action. Keep this list close by (stick it on the fridge or bathroom mirror), as a reminder that the greatest gift to yourself, family, and friends is staying healthy over the holidays.