Is Companion Care an Option for You?

Everyone benefits from continuous, friendly social interaction – seniors are no exception. Maybe you find you are beginning to slow down a bit and prefer to stay home more than in the past. While this is perfectly normal, you may find yourself missing your old circle of friends and wishing you had someone to talk to about your thoughts, the news or anything that may happen throughout your day.

What is Companion Care?

Companion care may be just the solution for you. You are not in need of around the clock monitoring and your health is good. You simply would like a “companion” for a few hours during the day. The companion will visit you in your home and assist you in your daily activities, providing care in many ways, whether through emotional support or a helping hand with the housework.

What Do Companion Care Services Include?

Companion care services can be tailored to the needs of the individual senior. For example, some seniors may require assistance shopping for groceries, loading and unloading their vehicle. They may enjoy having an exercise companion to accompany them to their weekly class or participate in their daily walking routine.

They may enjoy having a companion to play board games or complete puzzles together in order to keep their mind sharp. Senior companion care can also include help with medication reminders and meal preparation.

Is the Service Affordable?

According to surveys conducted by Genworth Financial, the average cost of senior companion care hovers around $18 per hour for a licensed care provider from a reputable company. There are also minimum coverage hours required to book services from certain companies, with many requiring at least four hours at a time.

Since companion care is not directly tied to any specific medical concern, though continuous mental stimulation has been proven to delay the effects of dementia, Medicare does not cover the service. However, if you research comprehensive supplemental long-term health insurance, you may find the option included in certain types of plans.

Research the Service Before Hiring

Interested in hiring a senior companion to make your later years brighter? Make sure you are working with a reputable firm that fully vets each provider and helps you find the perfect fit. Many providers have additional health certifications that may benefit you based on any conditions you may have. Ask about payment specifics, including if the service costs more on holidays and whether or not payment plans are available.

If you are interested in learning more about a long-term care insurance plan that may help subsidize costs of companion care for years to come, contact the specialists at My Senior Health Plan to learn more about your options.

Pete Blasi