Top Senior Discounts You Should Know About

Is your retirement everything you’ve dreamed it would be? You wake up refreshed on a daily basis. You have freedom to pursue your hobbies and new interests. You are forming new relationships and growing on a personal level. But wait – what about your budget? Are your savings on track to last throughout your golden years, or are you beginning to feel a bit of financial stress creep in and darken your day?

Thankfully, though getting older has its challenges, it also has many benefits as well. When you take advantage of all the senior discounts available, you don’t have to spend as much time worrying about costs. Take trips, go shopping and dine out knowing all these activities are affordably within reach. Pay attention to the following great deals and live the retired life you’ve always envisioned.

Save Your Clothing Fund

You can shop at top name brand outlet stores and receive discounts younger adults only dream of. For example, most Banana Republic locations offer adults aged 50 and over a 10 percent discount on their purchases. Do you enjoy frequenting Kohl’s? Plan your next trip on a Wednesday and you can receive a 15 percent discount if you are over age 55 and have identification to prove it.

Spend Less on Groceries

Live near a Fry’s Supermarket? If you’re over age 55, be sure to join the VIP club (it’s free) and always visit your local store on the first Wednesday of each month for a 10 percent discount. If Albertsons is your store of choice, don’t worry – the grocery store chain offers an identical deal at most locations.

Lifestyle and Entertainment Deals

Don’t let your cell phone plan eat away at your monthly cash reserves. Talk to AT&T or Verizon about their available senior plans for adults aged 65 or older. Most start at $29.99 per month – that’s a bargain.

Keep your vehicle tuned up by visiting Jiffy Lube or Midas. Both chains offer a discount up to 10 percent on parts and labor or both.

Bring along your ID when you go to the movies and make sure you receive a discounted price. Most movie theater chains, including Cinemark and AMC, offer a discount of up to 30 percent on regular ticket prices. Some theaters relegate their discounts to specific days of the week, so call ahead to confirm.

Major Travel and Exploration Perks

Leaving on a jet plane? Call the airline in person and ask about their current senior discounts. Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines are all known for offering senior rates, but you must contact them via telephone or book through a travel agent to reap the most benefits.

If air travel is not your forte, book with Amtrak and receive a discount of up to 15 percent, or travel via bus and take advantage of Greyhound’s 5 percent price cut for seniors.

If you’ve decided it’s time to get outside and see some of the most breathtaking sights in America, your senior years are perhaps the best and cheapest time to do so. For only $10, you can get a lifetime “America the Beautiful” pass which will admit you and three adults to all of the country’s national parks for free. From the Grand Canyon to Yosemite to Great Basin National Park, there are endless opportunities to explore in Arizona, Nevada, California and beyond.

See how much you can save both in your day to day life and in your adventures by watching out for all senior discounts that come your way, and depend on the team at My Senior Health Plan to help you maximize your budget in all areas, including getting the most out of your health insurance plan. Talk to a caring expert on our staff today to find out how to put even more money back in your wallet.

Pete Blasi