Creating a retirement vision

Reaching retirement is a major milestone in life, but times have changed and seniors are having more active lifestyles than ever. Life after work doesn't have to be boring. In fact, you can use your newly found free time however you want to create a retirement that fulfills your dreams. The first step, however, is creating a vision for your life. To get a clear vision of how you want to live, ask yourself these questions:

Where do you want to live?
If you've been a homeowner most of your life and paid off or have little left on your mortgage, then you could be in a good place for retirement. More seniors than ever are interested in having no mortgage payments by owning their home outright. If your house is paid off, it's important to think about whether you want to stay there during retirement or if you want to move somewhere else. Warm, tropical destinations are popular retirement spots for a good reason: They offer seniors less to worry about in regard to getting around and their health. Upon approaching retirement age, consider all the places you might have wanted to live and where you will want to spend your free time.

What do you want to do?
This question has a million answers, but the best way to have a successful and happy retirement is to find your passion and follow it. You can use your time to explore hobbies and interests that you might not have had time for while you were working. Are you passionate about art or golf? Whatever you love to do, you should make a plan to do those activities during retirement to stay fulfilled and busy.

What about your family?
Many seniors may choose to live near their loved ones to spend more with them during retirement. When making a vision for your life, think about whether you want to be with your family by living in close proximity.

Have you considered health care?
Between all your activities and where you will live, you should also think carefully about your health insurance. When you reach Medicare eligibility age, you will likely receive coverage for most medical costs, but remember that Medicare does not extend outside the U.S. You may also need supplemental insurance for additional coverage. Review your plans and options as part of your planning process.

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