Great date ideas for seniors

When it comes to dating, some seniors might adopt a "been there, done that" attitude. While almost everyone can enjoy a long walk on the beach, seniors today are redefining what it means to live after leaving the workforce. If you're among this active group of retiring baby boomers, your go-get-'em attitude toward retirement can also be applied to dating. Whether you're single and looking for a new partner in life or currently have a significant other, there's no reason to retire romance.

The truth is, dating when you're older than 65 can be just as exciting as when you were younger. If you're feeling lackluster in your dating life, the problem could be the activities you choose to do. You can easily make your dating world more interesting by exploring new places and trying new things, or you could engage in your favorite activities but include another person. Either way, there are plenty of great dates for those older than 65 that aren't boring.

For the dating couple
A common problem with couples who have been together for a while is keeping your relationship exciting. You can do this by exploring new interests. Here are a few dates for couples to try:

  • Explore your home town: Look for unique tours in your local area or nearest city that can show you the sides of town you rarely get to experience. These tours can help you fall in love with where you live all over again.
  • Sample foreign cuisine: If you've never tried a certain type of food, there's no point in waiting. Sharing something new with your partner can be a great experience.
  • Recreate your favorite dates: When you look back at your relationship and feel nostalgic for one memory in particular, you can redo the date later in life to bring those memories to life once more. While your life situations are probably not the same, the two of you can remember what that date meant to you by reliving it.

The first date
Whether you met someone interesting online, through friends or while out and about, there's nothing quite like going on a first date. Once you've reached a certain age, it can seem like you've done all the cliché romantic activities, but a first date should be something memorable and you may want to do something more original than dinner and a movie.

To bring about those first-date butterfly flutters in your stomach, here are a few unique date ideas:

  • Take a cooking class: While sharing a meal together is a great way to engage in a conversation and get to know another person, you can share the same experience while actively participating at the same time. Look for couples cooking classes and consider taking your date to one to spice up your first meal together.
  • Go on a picnic: Weather permitting, going for a picnic in a park allows you and your date to enjoy the outdoors while eating a great meal. Consider heading to the grocery store together beforehand so you can pick out a menu you both will enjoy. Beyond your local neighborhood park, you could also picnic at the beach or nearby lake. This is a popular activity for people of all ages and something you can do throughout your entire life.
  • Attend a wine tasting: Drinking wine is one pleasure enjoyed by many in adulthood, and what better way to get to know someone than by relaxing and tasting a few great wines? If you don't enjoy wine, this activity might not be for you, but for others it can evoke the feeling of being in Italy or France without the steep price.
  • Visit the market or fair: While this date idea is best for the warm seasons, visiting your local market or county fair with a date is a unique first date and a fun way to spend time with another person. You and your date could roam through aisles of fresh produce that you can then use to cook a meal together after. If you're going to the fair, riding a Ferris wheel or playing games can be an exciting way to connect with another person.
Pete Blasi