Tips for career changers

Today, seniors are staying in the workforce longer than ever, and many are switching up what they do for a living midlife or later. While diversifying your career after 50 can be a challenge, it can be done successfully. Here are a few tips for seniors who are looking to change careers later in life:

Figure out why you want to change careers
This is the first step you should take before plunging into another career. Do you really want to completely shift fields, or do you just want another job? Once you have determined why you want to change careers, you may have a better understanding of what it is you really want to do. It's also important to think about what you want out of your next career and if you can see yourself being happy with a big change like this.

Straighten out your finances
Before leaving your current job and setting off on your own to seek out a new career, you should get your finances in order. It's important that you do not have a lot of debt when seeking a new career, as the shift will likely require lots of time and energy from you, and being financially stressed can make the process a nightmare. You will feel better and more confident with a financial safety net.

Use your experience
After years of working in one career, you don't need to ditch everything you've learned and accomplished when you switch to a new path. Instead, when it comes time to build up your resume and start looking for another job, you need to highlight your past experience and make it your most positive selling point to employers. You probably have built up a skill​ set from your past work experience and should therefore pinpoint how your talent can be well suited to another environment.

If you already know what type of career you would like to have next, that's great. But you should research what qualifications you need for a new job. In many cases, the skills you already have may not all be transferable to your new career, which means you will need to learn new things. When researching career requirements, you should also investigate how you can learn these new skills, such as taking a few classes or getting involved in a training program. Having the necessary qualifications will make you a much more attractive candidate for a new employer.

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Pete Blasi