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Whether you choose a life in the big city or decide to settle down in upstate New York, it’s important to know what Senior Health Insurance options you have available to you. Given New York’s high cost of individual insurance, once you become eligible for Medicare, you may be able to save a significant amount on your health insurance. The Specialists at can give you a free plan comparison and educate about the plans available in New York.

Residents in New York have the options to enroll into a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap), Prescription Drug Plan (Part D or PDP) or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C).

Medicare Supplement Plans are state-wide plans that are standardized by the government. This means that anyone in New York can purchase one. It doesn’t matter if you are living in New York City or in upstate New York; your Medicare Supplement Plan options are the same. This type of plan in non-network based and allows you to see any doctor that accepts Medicare. This type of plan typically comes in plan options A-N, with benefits varying between plan types. Although this plan type offers your much flexibility, it does not include prescription drug coverage. Most people will often pair their Medicare Supplement with a Prescription Drug Plan.

Prescription Drug Plans are stand-alone policies offered by private insurance companies. They are designed to help cover the cost of your prescriptions and have a monthly premium. Coverage levels vary between the different carriers that offer these plans. Prescriptions may have copays ranging from $0 and up. Not taking any prescriptions? Most people still sign up for a PDP to avoid the penalty for not having drug coverage or to make sure they are covered should they need to take prescriptions in the future. If you need Extra Help paying for your prescriptions please visit  to learn more about the penalty please call or visit

Medicare Advantage Plans are also available in New York. These are network-based plans and they are also county specific. In New York you have the options of signing up for an HMO, PPO or PFFs. These plan option range in premium from $0 and up. Most Medicare Advantage Plans available in New York include Prescription Drug coverage, however not all of them do. To be sure you know what type of Medicare Advantage Plan you are signing up for be sure to consult with a specialist at Our job is to make this a smooth and comfortable transition for you. Give us a call now to discuss your options!

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