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New Hampshire is known for its beautiful outdoor landscape including rugged mountains, dense forests, and ocean beaches. New Hampshire is also home to America’s first astronaut, the spork, and the alarm clock! Given this state’s remarkable beauty, no wonder so many retirees choose to live there. With 20.2% of New Hampshire’s population being 65 years old and older, it is important to understand the Senior Health Insurance options available within the state.

Finding the right Senior Health Insurance can seem overwhelming and is often confusing. Being bombarded by Medicare marketing material when you turn 65 can make the decision process even more unclear. Furthermore, you may also be getting advice from friends and family but are still unsure what to do.

Choosing your Senior Health Insurance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The Specialists at provide unbiased guidance and support so you can choose with confidence. We will do the research so you don’t have to and help you determine which Senior Health Insurance plan will best suit your needs.

A good starting point is to understand what original Medicare covers and how to apply for it. A Specialist at can provide you a clear explanation of this. Once you understand what the Federal Government provides, it will be easier to determine what additional type of coverage you will need. Original Medicare covers 80% of Medicare covered services leaving 20% of costs to be covered by your supplemental insurance.

One of our Senior Health Insurance Specialists can help lead you in the right direction by not only explaining the basics of Medicare but also the differences between available supplemental options. If you reside in New Hampshire, you have the options to choose from a Medicare Advantage Plans, a Medicare Supplement Plan, or a Prescription Drug Plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) are county specific, so plans that are available in one county might not be available in another. The majority of Medicare Advantage plans include both health and drug benefits. Since Medicare Advantage Plans can change their benefits, premiums and availability every year, it is important to take advantage of’s free annual plan analysis during the Open Enrollment Period. Typically, this type of plan has a lower premium but higher copays. To see what Medicare Advantage Plans are available in your area, please contact a Specialist at today.

Another option is to enroll into a Medicare Supplement Plan. Medicare Supplement Plans are sometimes referred to as Medigap because they cover the “gap” or the 20% of costs that original Medicare does not cover. Medicare Supplement Plans range between Plan A – Plan N with the benefits remaining the same between carriers. When choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan, it is important to take into consideration carrier reputation for premium increases and customer service support.

Medicare eligible individuals living in the state of New Hampshire have many resources to utilize in order to make their Senior Health Insurance more affordable. The Health and Human Services Department in each county can help individuals apply for different levels of subsidies. Some individuals may qualify for Extra Help which can help offset the costs of their Medicare Part B premium or prescription costs. To see if you are eligible for Extra Help, click here.

New Hampshire has many Senior Health Insurance options to choose from. To feel confident making your decision, please contact a Senior Health Insurance Specialist at today.

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