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Hidden up in the northeast end of the United States, Maine is among one of the most beautiful states in the country. Known for its lobster and diverse terrain, Maine is a great place to retire. When you become eligible for Medicare you need to educate yourself on your different options and benefits. This doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone. There are many different resources online to utilize, however many times you may be more confused than when you started! Trust the experts at to answer all of your Medicare questions and help you sort through your different options.

The supplemental Medicare options available in Maine are broken down into three categories: the Medicare Supplement Plan (a.k.a Medigap Plan), various Prescription Drug Plans, and an assortment of Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized state-wide plans that allow you to use your benefits nationwide. Medicare Supplements work in conjunction with your Medicare Parts A and B. It is designed to help you cover deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays. Medicare Supplements do not include prescription drug coverage, thus bringing us to your next option.

Prescription Drug Plans, also known as Part D, are stand-alone plans provided by private insurance companies. Typically, a Prescription Drug Plan is purchased to go along with a Medicare Supplement Plan. Different plans will cover prescriptions based on their tier levels. To be sure you know that your prescriptions will be covered, and the costs associated with them, contact a specialist at If you need Extra Help paying for your prescriptions, please click here to see if you qualify.

Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Part C are offered by private health insurance companies. These plans are approved by Medicare and hold an annual contract. This type of plan is network based and you may need to obtain a referral to see a doctor outside of your Primary Care Physician. Most Medicare Advantage Plans include prescription drug coverage, giving you a wide variety of coverage. These are county-based plans, meaning you may not have the same plan options as the county next to you.

Now that you understand what the different plan types are available, you are ready to compare your different options. Unlike a group employer plan or COBRA plan, Medicare supplemental options are very individualized. The perfect fit for you will most likely not be the perfect fit for your neighbor. By calling, we can walk you through the process and make sure you feel confident in your senior healthcare decision.

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