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Indiana is the home to the Indy 500, a refurbished downtown which hosts Indianapolis Colts NFL games, and some of the friendliest residents in the nation. Many Americans call the Hoosier state home and choose to retire there. With nearly 16.9% of Hoosiers aged 65 years old or older, it is important to understand the Senior Health Insurance options available in this state. Like other states, Hoosiers have the option to enroll into a Medicare Supplement Plan, Medicare Advantage Plan, or Prescription Drug Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Indiana are state specific, but their benefits can be used nationwide. So, if you are one of the Hoosiers who flee the heat and humidity during the summer, this might be a good option for you. These standardized plans are offered as Plan A-N with the coverages varying between them. A Senior Health Specialist at can walk you through the differences and recommend a reputable company to fit your needs.

Typically, a Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) is purchased at the same time of enrollment into a Medicare Supplement Plan because Medicare Supplement Plans do not include drug coverage. Prescription Drug Plans are stand-alone plans offered through private insurance companies. To determine which Prescription Drug Plan is best for your needs you should speak with a representative. The Specialist can conduct an analysis showing which of your prescriptions will be covered under which plan and review with you the costs associated with each drug. Prescription Drug Plans are state specific plans; therefore, if you move states, please contact so we can assist you with your new options. Even if you are not taking any prescriptions, most people still sign up for a drug plan to avoid the government imposed late enrollment penalty. Furthermore, enrolling into a Part D Plan is a good idea in case you are prescribed an expensive medication in the future. If you need Extra Help paying for your prescriptions please click here.

Your third option is to enroll into an HMO or PPO Plan, also known as Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPDs). These are network-based plans that may require a referral from your Primary Care Doctor in order to see a Specialist. Typically, these plans have a lower premium but higher copays. MAPDs are county-based plans that can change every year. Since the plan benefits, premium, or availability may change each year it is important to contact a representative during the Open Enrollment Period for your free yearly plan analysis.

With all the Senior Health Insurance options available in Indiana, it is important to speak with a Senior Health Insurance Specialist at who can evaluate your prescriptions, doctor preference, desired flexibility, and price range and thus help you feel confident selecting your supplement plan.

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