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There are many affordable senior health insurance options available in the state of Illinois. When you become eligible for Medicare (typically at age 65), it’s important to know your options before enrolling into a plan. Some residents of Illinois decide to work beyond the age of 65 and therefore are able to stay on their employer’s plan. Not all employers allow their Medicare eligible employees to stay on their health benefits. When you are approaching this age make sure to speak with your Human Resources department to see what your options are. In some cases, it is more affordable to transition to a Medicare plan even if you are able to keep your benefits. A Senior Health Insurance Specialist at can help you compare your employer benefits and costs to a Medicare Supplemental Plan benefits and cost.

In the state of Illinois, you have three Medicare Supplemental options available to you: Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap), Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) and Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C).

Medicare Supplement Plans are designed to help provide extra coverage in addition to Medicare Parts A and B. It will help cover coinsurance, deductibles and copays. A Medicare Supplement Plan will act as your secondary insurance and Original Medicare as your primary. Medicare Supplements are non-network-based plans, giving you the freedom to see any doctor that accepts Medicare. There is a monthly premium associated with these plans and pricing varies between the different private insurance companies that offer them. To get rates for Illinois, call a Specialist at

Medicare Supplements do not include prescription drug coverage, bringing us to your next option. Prescription Drug Plans are most often paired with Medicare Supplement Plans. These plans are created to help you with the cost of your prescriptions. Prescriptions covered will vary and so will their assigned tier level. A prescriptions tier level can be found in the plan’s formulary. Not taking any medications? Most people still enroll into a Prescription Drug Plan to avoid getting the Part D penalty. Another reason that it is important to have prescription drug coverage is to ensure that you are covered should you need prescriptions in the future. If you need Extra Help paying for your prescriptions, please visit

Similar to other states, Medicare Advantage Plans are offered throughout the 102 counties in Illinois. These plans are county specific, meaning plans available to you may not be available in the next county over. Medicare Advantage Plans are network-based plans so you may be required to obtain referrals to see certain specialists. Medicare Advantage Plans typically include prescription drug coverage.

Now that you know all of the Senior Health Insurance options available in Illinois, give us a call for your free comparison. Our Senior Health Insurance Specialists will take into consideration your doctor preference, price range, desired flexibility, and prescriptions to help you feel confident with your Senior Health Insurance selection.

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