Medicare and Employer Health Insurance

Are your Medicare eligible employees asking about their Senior Health Insurance options?

Medicare and Employer Health Insurance

Partnering with may be the solution! acts as a private exchange for large groups. We provide Medicare eligible employees assistance as they transition from their group insurance and into a Senior Health Insurance plan.

By partnering with and providing our company as a free resource to your Medicare eligible employees, you will be providing your employees with expert counsel and honest assistance as they transition from their group insurance and into a supplemental Senior Health Insurance plan.

How your Medicare eligible employees will benefit:

  • We explain what basic Medicare covers & the best ways to supplement it.
  • We provide free plan comparisons and quote illustrations.
  • We take doctor & hospital preference, prescription medications, price range and flexibility into consideration when helping the employee choose their Senior Health Insurance.
  • We walk your Medicare eligible employee through the enrollment process right over the phone!
  • We act as the Medicare beneficiary’s advocate if needed.
  • We provide annual reviews of the beneficiary’s plan and make sure they stay well informed and satisfied year after year.

Why Partner with

  • Having served over thousands of seniors nationwide, MySeniorHealthPlan,com’s quality reputation is one rarely obtained.
  • We have long standing relationships with most top insurance carriers in the senior marketplace.
  • We will provide your Human Resources department reporting regarding each employee’s transition off their group insurance and into their Medicare plan.
  • By providing as a free resource to your employees, you can save your company administrative costs.
  • By utilizing, your company and your employees can save money spent on premiums. offers Medicare and company health insurance partnership programs that are tailored to every employers specific needs. By creating a partnership, employers are able to help their employees save significantly on premiums, increase their coverage options & benefits, and decrease the company’s administrative costs.

For more information on how to partner with please contact us at 1-877-255-6273.