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The District of Columbia is made up of land that was donated by Maryland and Virginia. Although it is not considered to be part of either state, D.C. is a Federal District. This may cause some complexity when deciding to retire in D.C. Most people living in the heart of D.C. typically work for the government. However, this is not always true. Whatever the reason for your retirement in D.C., it is important to understand the different Medicare Supplemental options available.

Residents in the District of Columbia are able to enroll into a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap), Prescription Drug Plan (Part D or PDP) or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C).

Similar to most states, Medicare Supplement Plans are offered to all residents in D.C. Premiums are based on location; however, you are able to use your benefits nationwide. Medicare Supplement Plans are non-network-based plans, meaning you can see any doctor that accepts Medicare. Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized by the government, meaning benefits don’t vary between the health insurance carriers that offer them. What will vary is premiums, customer service and yearly rate increases. To help you compare your Medicare Supplement Plan options in Washington D.C. call a Specialist at MySeniorHealthPlan.com.

Typically, a Prescription Drug Plan is purchased at the same time of enrollment into a Medicare Supplement Plan because Medicare Supplement Plans do not include drug coverage. Prescription Drug Plans are stand-alone plans offered through private insurance companies. To determine which Prescription Drug Plan is best for your needs you should speak with a MySeniorHealthPlan.com representative. Our Specialists can conduct an analysis showing which of your prescriptions will be covered under which plan and review with you the costs associated with each drug. Even if you are not taking any prescriptions, most people still sign up for a drug plan to avoid the government imposed Late Enrollment Penalty. Furthermore, enrolling into a Part D Plan is a good idea in case you are prescribed an expensive medication in the future. If you need Extra Help paying for your prescriptions, please click here.

Your third option in D.C. is to enroll into a Medicare Advantage Plan. The Medicare Advantage Plan is typically an “all inclusive” plan, meaning most times it incorporates medical and prescription drug coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans are network-based plans, meaning you may need to see an in-network Doctor to avoid higher out-of-pocket costs. Although you still have Medicare Part A and B, these benefits are now provided by the carrier you choose. Medicare Advantage Plan options in D.C are HMO, PPO and PFFS. To see what Medicare Advantage Plans are available in your zip code contact a Specialist at MySeniorHealthPlan.com to walk you through your options.

Senior Resources:
Medicare: www.medicare.gov
D.C. Department of Human Services: http://dhs.dc.gov/
D.C. Office of Aging: http://dcoa.dc.gov/