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The aesthetically pleasing state of Connecticut houses one of the densest populations in all of the United States. It also ranks among the top five wealthiest states, making it an ideal place to live. If you are currently residing in Connecticut or planning to retire there, you may want to learn more about what Senior Health Insurance Options are available.

The supplemental Medicare options available in Connecticut are broken down into three categories: the Medicare Supplement Plan (a.k.a Medigap Plan), various Prescription Drug Plans, and an assortment of Medicare Advantage Plans.

The Connecticut Medicare Supplement plan is available state-wide, meaning any Connecticut resident can have one. This plan also offers great flexibility, since you can go to any doctor or facility that takes Medicare. However, the Medicare Supplement Plan does not include any Prescription Drug Coverage, bringing us to the second option available to Medicare eligible seniors.

Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) through Medicare are designed to help seniors with the cost of their medications only. These plans range in deductibles ($0 and up), copays ($0 and up), and preferred pharmacies. These plans also have a monthly premium, unless eligible for certain levels of Extra Help. To see if you’re eligible for Extra Help, click here.

There are 8 counties in Connecticut, and each offers multiple Medicare Advantage Plan options. The Medicare Advantage Plan is typically an “all inclusive” plan, meaning most times it incorporates medical and prescription drug coverage. Though a popular alternative, these plans are county-specific and not available everywhere in Connecticut.

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