Want to Retire with Peace of Mind? Get the Best Life Insurance and Estate Planning for Seniors

American Heritage Financial

Getting older is full of changing seasons and priorities. While you may also be confronted with more existential concerns, a whole new set of financial concerns is looming. Between budgeting for your golden years and continuing to support your loved ones, retirement requires careful planning. And, of course, you want to at least maintain your lifestyle after you retire. 

You want to enjoy your retirement! You don’t want to stress out about anything except where to spend your free time. And you definitely don’t want to worry about finances. That’s why our top pick for life insurance and estate planning is American Heritage Financial (AHF). If you’re eligible for Medicare, AHF will construct a safe, reliable financial picture for your retirement. 

What exactly does AHF provide, and how will working with them benefit you? We’ll give you an outline of what AHF offers seniors, so you can improve your financial outlook today.

Why choose American Heritage Financial?

Need life insurance, estate planning or other financial planning help? You’ll find all that and more at American Heritage Financial. The team at AHF will help you secure the financial future of you and your family. 

Many times, AHF’s financial planning increases overall retirement profit by 30-50%. That being said, not creating additional risk or expenses for you is their priority. On top of our recommendation, AHF was rated A+ (Superior) for financial stability by AM Best. 

AHF is all about life insurance…

You might think you have life insurance, but are you sure? Life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance… all those different policies—and how they interact together—can be confusing. 

A life insurance policy can help your family pay for remaining medical bills, funeral costs or outstanding debt. AHF will help you understand what your policy covers, what your limits are and what triggers a loss. They’ll also review your beneficiary designations to confirm the benefits will go to the right person.

AHF’s life insurance policies provide the flexibility to tailor your policy to your unique family situation. They offer a variety of riders (amendments or add-ons) so you can be sure your particular needs are covered.

…and estate planning

As you get older, you just want to be comfortable. But your desire to support your family doesn’t go away. The agents at AHF know legacy is important.

By analyzing your needs and presenting you with options, they’ll help you plan your estate distribution. Do you need a simple will or a complicated trust? AHF can provide guidance on which one you should have, so that your family, or the charity of your choice, is taken care of financially. With the right planning and advice, you can leave your descendants with the secure future you want for them.

How American Heritage Financial Benefits Seniors 

#1. It’s personal

When working with an experienced financial planning organization, the unique struggles seniors face—like impaired hearing and memory loss—may make it difficult to communicate your financial situations and goals. AHF is dedicated to knowing you and your needs. Their financial professionals form long-term relationships with their clients. And they appreciate being part of building your financial future and ensuring its success.

#2. Macroeconomic approach 

Life isn’t simple. You know better than anyone that your needs change over time. Even when you think you’re all set, forces outside of your control may intervene in your plans. The AHF macroeconomic strategy is to monitor the big picture of your finances and to regularly adapt to your evolving personal situation. 

AHF helps with planning for the unique financial concerns seniors face. Connect with American Heritage Financial here to get started!


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