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Many tourists visit Ohio to explore historical landmarks spanning from Underground Railroad pathways to ancient Native American Mounds. It is also abundant with family fun found within the famous King’s Island amusement park. Whatever the reason might be for visiting, many settle in Ohio and choose to call it home because of its good-natured residents and family-oriented culture. When you live in Ohio and reach Medicare eligibility you may be wondering what Senior Health Insurance options are available to you. Similar to other regions, Ohioan’s have the option to enroll into a Medicare Supplement Plan, Prescription Drug Plan, or Medicare Advantage Plan to supplement their basic Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plans available in Ohio are plan types A-N. Medicare Supplement coverage varies between plans but not between carriers since they are standardized by the government. Once you decide on a level of coverage, you will want to determine which Medicare Supplement Plan company to enroll with by taking into consideration the carrier’s reputation for rate increases and customer service. The Senior Health Insurance Specialists and MySeniorHealthPlan.com take pride in their ability to provide unbiased guidance on which plan and company would be best for your situation. For more information on how to choose a Medicare Supplement Plan, give us a call today 877.255.6273.

Medicare Supplement Plans do not include prescription drug coverage, so it is important to enroll into a Prescription Drug Plan at the same time as your Medicare Supplement Plan. Prescription Drug Plans (Part D/PDP) help cover the cost of medications. These state specific plans cover drugs listed within their formularies. A formulary is a list of medications categorized into tier levels with associated costs included. Because each individual has a different combination of medications, it is important to speak with a MySeniorHealthPlan.com representative who can do an analysis of your prescriptions and see which plan would best cover your drug costs. Some people need Extra Help paying for their prescriptions, if this sounds like you, please click here for more information. If you are considering not enrolling into a Prescription Drug Plan, please click here to review the government imposed late enrollment penalty.

If a Medicare Supplement and Drug Plan do not fit your needs, a Medicare Advantage Plan might be a good option to consider. Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPDs) are plans offered through private insurance companies which are regulated by the government. These plans typically have lower premiums but higher copays. Sometimes, MAPD plans offer benefits not covered by basic Medicare such as acupuncture or gym memberships. If this sounds appealing to you, you may want to contact a MySeniorHealthPlan.com representative to discuss your MAPD options. However, it is important to keep in mind that these plans are county based so what your friend might have you might not be able to enroll into. There are a few different plan types within MAPD plans such as an HMO or PPO. Both are network-based plans that may or may not require a referral from your Primary Care Physician in order to see a Specialist.

There are many Senior Health Insurance plans to choose from if you reside in Ohio. We urge you to not feel overwhelmed but to contact MySeniorHealthPlan.com today to speak with a Senior Health Insurance Specialist who can review your situation and walk you through your available options.

Senior Resources:

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