Utah Senior Health Insurance

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About 11.7% of Utah’s population is 65 or older, whether you are already a part of that 11.7% or will be turning 65 soon it’s important to know what options you have for your Senior Health Insurance. MySeniorHealthPlan.com is a free service brokerage that can help explain original Medicare and your options to supplement it. Call one of our Specialists today for your evaluation. Residents of Utah can sign up on a Medicare Supplement plan (or Medigap), Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized state specific plans that range from plans A-G with different coverage levels. These plans are used in conjunction with your Medicare Parts A and B. This type of plan allows you to use your benefits nationwide as long as you see a doctor that accepts Medicare. For more information on Medicare Supplement Plans please contact MySeniorHealthPlan.com.

Because Medicare Supplement Plans do not include Prescription Drug coverage, they are often paired with a Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) are stand-alone plans that offer different levels of coverage depending on the prescriptions you are taking. Not taking any prescriptions? Most people still sign up for a PDP to avoid the penalty for not having drug coverage or to make sure they are covered should they need to take prescriptions in the future. If you need Extra Help paying for your prescriptions, please visit http://www.socialsecurity.gov/medicare/prescriptionhelp/ to learn more about the penalty please call My Senior Health Plan or visit http://www.medicare.gov/part-d/costs/penalty/part-d-late-enrollment-penalty.html.

Medicare Advantage Plans are also available in Utah. These are network-based plans, and they are also county specific. In Utah, you have the options of signing up for an HMO or a PPO. Most Medicare Advantage Plans available in Utah include Prescription Drug coverage, however not all of them do. To be sure you know what type of Medicare Advantage Plan you are signing up for be sure to consult with a specialist at MySeniorHealthPlan.com. Our job is to make this a smooth and comfortable transition for you. Give us a call now to discuss your options!

Some residents of Utah have Indian Health Services as well. The relationship between the Federal Government and Native American tribes constitutes various rules to follow. However, CMS has made Medicare & Medicaid healthcare services accessible to all Native Americans who are eligible. For more information visit http://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/American-Indian-Alaska-Native/AIAN/

Senior Resources:
Indian Health Services: http://www.ihs.gov
Medicare: www.Medicare.gov
Utah Aging and Disability Services Division: https://daas.utah.gov/
Utah Department of Human Services: www.hs.utah.gov