New Jersey Senior Health Insurance

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Although small in size, New Jersey offers many perks to its residents. Coastal shores, all four seasons and diverse culture are amongst the many benefits of calling New Jersey home. Because of New Jersey’s higher cost of living, it’s important to know what your Senior Health Insurance options are once you decide to retire here. Among other costs of living, health insurance can come with some high out of pocket costs. Once you turn 65 or become eligible for Medicare, you have lower cost options available to you.

Residents in New Jersey are able to enroll into Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap), Prescription Drug Plans (Part D or PDP) or Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C).

Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized by the government and offered state-wide. This means that anyone in New Jersey can purchase one regardless of your location. Medicare Supplement Plans are designed to help cover the “gaps” in original Medicare, picking up some of the expenses of coinsurance, deductibles and copays. Medicare Supplement Plans are non-network-based plans, meaning you can go to any doctor that accepts Medicare. Medicare Supplements do not include prescription drug coverage; therefore, they are most often paired with Prescription Drug Plans.

Prescription Drug Plans are designed to help seniors with the cost of their prescriptions only. These plans range in deductibles ($0 and up), copays ($0 and up) and preferred pharmacies. These plans also have a monthly premium, unless eligible for certain levels of Extra Help. To see if you’re eligible for Extra Help, click here.

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered throughout the 21 counties in New Jersey. Medicare Advantage Plans are stand-alone plans offered by private insurance companies. While you still have Medicare Parts A and B, these benefits are now provided by the carrier you choose. Medicare Advantage Plans are county based, meaning that a plan offered in your county may not be offered in your neighboring county.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans can change their contracts, premiums and benefits on an annual basis. Make sure you are getting a free annual plan comparison from every Annual Enrollment Period to ensure you are staying on the best plan for your needs.

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