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Most retirees in Nebraska were born and raised in the state. This is common among Middle America and holds true in Nebraska. Instead of flocking south for the winter, Nebraskans prefer to stay put. So, once you reach retirement age or become eligible for Medicare, make sure you understand your Senior Health Insurance options. is a free resource to help you answer any Medicare questions you may have and help you select a plan that will fit your needs.

The supplemental Medicare options available in Nebraska are broken down into three categories: the Medicare Supplement Plan (a.k.a Medigap Plan), various Prescription Drug Plans, and an assortment of Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Supplements plans, also referred to as Med Supp, are plans standardized by the government. There are many different plan options ranging from Plan A to Plan N. Each plan type has a different coverage level, but their benefits do not vary between carriers. Medicare Supplements allow you flexibility because they are not network based and you may see any doctor that accepts Medicare. This type of plan does not include prescription drug coverage, bringing us to your next plan option.

Prescription Drug Plans, or Part D, are stand-alone plans offered by private insurance carriers. These plans are typically paired with Medicare Supplements but can be purchased to go along with your original Medicare. This plan type offers no medical coverage and was designed specifically to cover prescription costs. All prescription drug plans have a monthly premium and co-pays ranging from $0 and up. Before you sign up on a Prescription Drug Plan, make sure all your prescriptions are covered. If you need Extra Help paying for your prescriptions, please click here to see if you qualify.

Medicare Advantage Plans, or Part C, are network-based plans offered by private insurance carriers. These plans hold contracts with CMS, the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. They can range in monthly premium from $0 and up. There is a wide assortment of Medicare Advantage Plans offered in Nebraska. It is important to note that these plans are county-based plans, meaning a plan available in your county may not be available in the county next to you. Nebraska has 93 counties, so be sure you know what plans are available to you.

Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans can change their contracts with Medicare on a yearly basis. This may affect your plan premiums, benefits, co-pays, and plan availability. Make sure you are taking advantage of’s free annual plan analysis between October 15th and December 7th. Whether you are a current client or new, the Specialists at can help you evaluate your current plan to the plans available the upcoming year.

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