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Georgia is the 8th most populous state in the United States and consists of 159 counties. Because of its large number of counties, the health insurance coverage works slightly different than other states and therefore can be slightly more confusing when choosing which Senior Health Insurance option is best for you. Once you are eligible for Medicare, call My Senior Health to help understand your different Senior Health insurance options if you reside in Georgia.

The supplemental Medicare options available in Georgia are broken down into three categories: the Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap Plan), various Prescription Drug Plans, and an assortment of Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans are sold by private insurance carriers and standardized by the government. There are more than 370 different Medicare Supplement Plans offered in Georgia. Because these plans are standardized and don’t vary in coverage, it’s important that you look at annual premium raise patterns, customer service and carrier reputation. You can trust the Specialists at My Senior Health to help you select a carrier that will fit your needs. Medicare Supplement Plan premiums are based on the state where you live but the benefits can be used nationwide. Medicare Supplement Plans do not include prescription drug coverage; therefore, most people also enroll into a Prescription Drug Plan.

Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) are designed to help you with the cost of your prescriptions. These plans have a monthly premium and different plan options will vary in co-pays, deductibles and prescriptions covered. You must have Medicare Part A or B to enroll into this type of plan. Not taking any prescriptions? Most people still enroll into a Prescription Drug Plan in order to avoid the Medicare Part D Penalty or to cover future prescriptions. You may also qualify for Extra Help for your prescriptions based on your income. To see if you qualify for Extra Help click here.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) are county-based plans, meaning that a plan available to you, may not be available in the next county over. Since there is a large number of counties in Georgia, be sure you know what plans are available in your county. Medicare Advantage Plans are network based so you may need to get a referral from your Primary Care Physician to see a Specialist. Medicare Advantage Plans are typically “all inclusive,” meaning they incorporate both medical and prescription drug coverage. Depending on the county you live in, plan premiums typically range from $0 and up.

Still not sure what plan type is right for you? That’s okay, a Specialist here at My Senior Health can explain to you the benefits of original Medicare, your supplemental options, and plan availability. Give us a call today!

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